Business Practice

Business Practice Qualification : 61755 General Education and Training Certificate This General Education and Training Certificate: Business Practice is for utilisation by all members of the population. Many newly (or not-so-newly) appointed personnel could benefit from part or all of this qualification. It seeks to embed the six key literacy’s required by business organisations: Numeracy, Literacy, Entrepreneurial, Financial, Technological and Cognitive. The GETC: Business Practice integrates the literacy’s into one qualification while also allowing each to be addressed separately in short courses and skills programmes, based on the constituent unit standards. The Fundamental Component of the qualification enables learners to communicate and work with figures in a business environment, while the Core component offers empowerment in the areas of technology, life orientation, human and social sciences (customer service), economics and management (entrepreneurship), as well as cognition theory and practice. The learner successfully completing this qualification will have gained the knowledge and ability to:
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