Bursaries Explained

Bursaries Explained

The amendments introduced by the DTI require that 2.5% of an entity’s annual payroll is spent on funding higher education by means of bursaries for black students at higher education institutions, which will earn companies up to four points on the scorecard. Allowance is also made to include adult basic education training and funding programmes at schools.

Bursaries are listed as category on the Skills Development Element table.

CategorySkills Development ElementWeighting PointsCompliance Target Development Expenditure on
Bursaries for Black Students at Higher
Education Institutions
The compliance target for 21.1.2 of the Skills Development scorecard is based on the overall demographic representation of black people as defined in the Regulations of the Employment Equity Act and Commission of Employment Equity Report as amended from time to time.

The following criteria must be fulfilled in order to receive points:

  •  Workplace Skills Plan
  •  Annual Training Report
  • Pivotal Report which are SETA approved
  • Implementation of Priority Skills programs
Initiatives implemented under paragraph cannot be counted under paragraph and vice versa. Training costs such as accommodation, catering, travelling, Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) or training manager does not apply to Skills Development Expenditure recognized in paragraph A bursary is a grant made to or for students who are registered at educational institutions established by or registered with the Departments of Basic Education or the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Legitimate training costs for Bursaries:

  • Training Institution fees
  • Textbooks or other learning materials
  • Funding for subsistence or accommodation during the period of study
  • Mandatory sectoral training i.e. health and safety do not qualify as skills development contribution.

The criteria in the skills development for Bursaries are set out in the Learning Programme Matrix under category A.

CatProgrammeNarrative DescriptionDelivery ModeLearning SiteLearning Achievement
ABursaries or scholarshipsInstitution-based theoretical instruction alone - formally assessed by educational institutions established by or registered with the Department of Higher Education & TrainingInstitutional instructionInstitutions such as universities and colleges, schools and ABET ProvidersRecognised theoretical knowledge resulting in the achievement of a degree, diploma or certificate issued by an accredited or registered formal institution of learning

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