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What is Youth Employment Service?

YES was launched by President Cyril Ramaphosa on 27 March 2018. It was born in the Youth Employment Accord signed by government, business and labour in April of 2013 which committed the partners to a plan of action.

YES is one of the first social compacts between businesses, labour and government, established to provide, over a period of 3 years, 1 million youth with 1 million opportunities to succeed.


The objective is for you to sponsor a project in Youth Employment Service so as to qualify for recognition of Job Creation and so that you may gain additional points and increase your current B-BBEE scorecard levels.

What should the entity achieve to benefit from the YES Initiative?

Generic Entities; must achieve at least 40% sub-minimum on all three priority elements OR must achieve an average of 50% across the three priority elements.


1.5% of the entities headcount in the preceding year OR 1.5% NPAT from South African Operations in the three years immediately preceding converting to a headcount number by dividing NPAT number by R55 000.


Target based on NPAT: (1.5% of R100 000 000.00)/R55 000.00 = 28 employees OR Target based on headcount: 1.5% of 10 000 – 150 employees.

Eligible Employees

  • Between the ages of 18 and 35 OR 18 and 29 for the ETI Benefit.
  • Black South Africans as defined by the B-BBEE Act.

B-BBEE Recognition

Informal Skills Development expenditure for YES employees will be recognized during the verification process of the Skills Development element (Category F & G)

Employment Condition

  • Signed fixed term employment contract of new positions for 12-month full time work experience.
  • Minimum wage of R3500 per month
  • Maximum wage of R6500 per month
  • Place Youth inside the company on the payroll

  • AND/OR

  • Place youth into an external service provider for training and work experience or black owned SMME’s or QSE’s.

How we implement YES

We provide the opportunity to lower skilled unemployed youth in local communities.
Triple E Training delivers the training as the accredited training provider while The Broad Development Centre takes care of the administration and management of all HR and Training aspects of your project.

In our experience, projects outside Gauteng and other major city centres prove more rewarding for your company.

Your verification agent will require the following evidence for your YES Project:

Documentation you have to supply


  • Provide proof that the measured entity is registered with the Y.E.S Non-Profit Company (Registration Number: 2017/267641/08)
  • www.yes4youth.co.za
  • That the measured entity is registered with the Y.E.S Non-Profit Company. (Registration Number: 2017/267641/08)
  • Copy of Previous B-BBEE Level and if level has not been maintained proof of engagement with the DTI B-BBEE Policy Unit
  • That the measured entity remained or increased their B-BBEE level since previous verification.
  • If level has not been maintained provide proof of engagement with the DTI with justifiable evidence for participation.
  • Total headcount by means of payroll for last month of financial year end being used for verification
  • That the payroll is for the correct measured entity.
  • That it is for the last month of the financial year.
  • For all employees including all race and gender.
  • Previous three-year NPAT for the measured entity R.S.A operations only) (not applicable for EME or QSE)
  • Not applicable to Generic Specialised entities OR Generic entities that has been trading for less than 3 years.
  • That it is for the correct measured entity.
  • That it is for the immediate 3-year period preceding the current measurement period.
  • If the average NPAT for Generic entity is a loss, use the figure as per the completed NPAT Calculator to determine the NPAT to be used.
  • Individuals participating in the YES initiative information: ID numbers, age, race & gender
  • That it is for the measured entity.
  • That the individuals participating are between the ages of 18 and 35.
  • That they meet the definition of Black as defined in the B-BBEE codes of good practice
  • Current Employment Equity Report EEA2 and EEA4
  • That the EEA2 and EEA4 have been completed as per requirements from the DoL
  • Confirmation of the submission of above reports to the Department of Labour
  • That the DoL has confirmed submission of the EEA2 and EEA4 report.
  • A copy of the following documents for all eligible employees filing the NEW positions:
    1. ID
    2. EEA1
    3. Unemployed affidavit
    4. 12 month work experience employment contract
    5. Payslip
    6. And proof of absorption if applicable
    7. Communication to the employee if the contract will end after 12 months or extended to permanent employment
  • Verify SA citizenship if the 11th digit of the ID number is a Zero (0)
  • Apply the definition of Black people of the DTI Codes to determine of the black citizen can be considered a BEE beneficiary.
  • Affidavit signed by the eligible employee confirming unemployed status before commencing the 12-month work experience programme.
  • That the contract is for minimum 12 months.
  • That the employee was on the payroll for the duration during the measurement period.
  • Clear communication was provided to the individual either why the contract was not renewed or extended into permanent placement.
  • Affidavit from HR Manager / Director confirming that the new job was created in addition to existing headcount and these positions did not replace existing positions.
  • That the affidavit is signed by the deponent as well as commissioner of oath with necessary stamp
  • The affidavit must be current.

Important information you should be aware of

If the employee does not complete the full 12 months programme you will have to prove that a minimum of 8 months has been completed by the employee and you also have to prove that this employee was replaced within 1 month maximum by another eligible employee.

If permanently employed prior to the completion of the programme no recognition for absorption will be awarded.

Should the measured entity not be able to create the new positions within the entity itself. They may sponsor new jobs to be placed in placement/hosting companies.

Informal skills spend for YES individuals (Category F and G) who qualify, can be indicated as YES candidates on the skills development element to implement the 50% inflation of allowance instead of 15% informal capping.

Glossary of Terms

Measured Entity:

Your company or the company sponsoring the project.


B-BBEE compliance is measured by means of a scorecard. The scores are based on various elements and your company is measured out of a maximum of 100 points.


Youth Employment Services. Gazetted 28 August 2018 (No. 41866) and 12 October 2018 (No. 41975)

Job Creation:

The provision of new opportunities for paid employment, especially for the unemployed.


Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment is a form of economic empowerment initiated by the South African government.


It determines the candidate’s skills level to allow for informed decisions about training options.


Portfolio of Evidence, is a collection of proofs that is compiled to show competence against a set of learning outcomes.

Local Communities:

A group of individuals that interact within their immediate surroundings, in this case specifically those members who are unemployed and needy.

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