What you should have known about Learnerships & Tax Incentives

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How We Do It?

Are you thinking about a learnership at your workplace, but don’t know where to start?

Learnerships can be implemented in different ways. Each learnership has different compliance requirements, demands and benefits.

What are the tax benefits?

There are significant tax savings and incentives. If youth are promoted as a result of your learnership, you enjoy Employee Tax Incentives (ETI).

Accredited Training

Umalusi accredits training providers after a stringent quality assurance process that attests to the quality of the services offered. Accreditation is also the quality guarantee.


Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) grants and tax rebates available encourage the compliance and commitment to skills development. To qualify for a mandatory or discretionary grant, companies must be registered with their particular SETA. These companies also submit a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and an Annual Training Report (ATR).

The right learnership qualification

Learnership qualifications are directly linked to a field of work or occupation. The right choice will mean all the difference for your learners and your business. When historically registered learnerships reach their registration end date, the QCTO will make recommendations to the SAQA for these qualifications to be deactivated.

What are B-BBEE elements?

Companies must comply with the three priority elements on the BEE scorecard: Ownership, Skills Development and Enterprise Development.

Learner readiness

How would you know a learner is ready to start a learnership? How do you prepare learners for a qualification? Learning is about development – personal, social and economic. A skilled and accredited provider offers answers to these questions that do not compromise the project. Big and small companies are often overwhelmed and confused when it comes to learnership implementation.

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