ABET – a primary channel for mining OHS?

Adult Basic Education & Training, or “ABET” is not only helping mines raise the competencies of low skilled employees to improve productivity and efficiencies but uplifts members of host communities as well. Adult training and adult learning are also important means of strengthening occupational health and safety (OHS) protocol in the mining industry. Low skilled … Read more

Getting grownups ready to learn and succeed

There are many similarities and differences between adult and child learners. The success of any adult education and training (AET) programme is, therefore, dependent upon a deeper understanding of how grownups learn and, just as importantly, what makes them want to participate in basic literacy and maths training. It is this knowledge that has helped … Read more

Quality education for sustainable development

Education is one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that aims to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” citizens of the world. Despite the significant progress made by many countries towards achieving this SDG, worryingly, sub-Saharan Africa is still lagging in terms of education inclusion. When … Read more

Quality ABET for outstanding results

It is the quality of teaching that determines the success of any Adult Basic Education & Training (ABET) or Adult Education & Training (AET) programme. This is exactly why Triple E Training remains the preferred supplier of basic literacy skills and basic numbers skills training for adults in the country. Triple E Training’s team of … Read more

AET Bursaries (LinkedIn Ad Landing Page )

AET Bursaries What are the benefits of AET Bursaries? Start to finish in only 3 weeks.Grants up to 4 points under Skills and Development of your B-BBEE scorecard,Caters for unemployed and disabled unemployed candidates nationally, in communities, local or rural.We facilitate the whole process for you, this means the recruitment, suitable venue, assessments of candidates, … Read more

Triple E Training [Rural]

Quality ABET helps uplift the rural poor Since the early 1990s, Adult Basic Education Training (ABET) has evolved from the goals of church groups, communities and schools into sophisticated training programmes that are helping to address illiteracy and lack of essential numeracy in South Africa. This is in addition to the important role that it … Read more

Training helps mining houses empower people to break the resource curse

Triple E Training is helping the mining industry meet its Social and Labour Planning (SLP) and Corporate Social Investment (CSI) obligations. This is in addition to the stellar role that the company’s quality AET continues to play in assisting mining houses to achieve the socio-economic development element of the Black Economic Empowerment(BEE) verification process. More … Read more

Leading ABET provider helps “generic entities” score maximum points for sound B-BBEE practice

Triple E Training’s ABET Bursaries are helping companies gain maximum points under the Skills Development component of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) scorecard. The AET Bursaries are in line with the Department of Trade & Industry’s (DTI) amended-BBEE Codes of Good Practice that came into effect at the end of 2019. They require large … Read more

Triple E Training partners with enterprising companies to raise proficiency levels of South Africa’s workforce

Competitive companies are reliant upon a productive workforce which, at the most basic level, can read, write and master simple technological skills. Their employees possess cognitive and noncognitive, as well as specific skills to perform at optimal levels in their respective roles. Sound cognitive skills, such as basic numeracy and basic literacy, noncognitive skills, including … Read more

Quality Adult Education and Training gives hope to many South Africans

Triple E Training, a leading adult basic education & training provider, is giving many people a second chance in life by helping them complete their basic education. The company’s high-quality ABET provides adults with a broad conceptual foundation towards lifelong learning and development. This comprises knowledge, skills and attitudes that are needed to meaningfully participate … Read more

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