Why choose EEE


Face-to-Face / Let’s Talk

We love meeting potential customers to discuss their individual training requirements and develop a solution.

Awareness Campaign

An on-site campaign with your employees to explain and clarify their learning and illustrate the benefits of education. This is the first step in our individual development plan (IDP)


Unique and exclusive learner management reporting system (WECOZA) since 2004.
  • Monthly Reports – Class Attendance & Progress Reports.
  • Training Schedule – to manage project hours.
  • Continuous communication to our customers about their project.
  • Continuous feedback meetings with our customers.
  • Class visits to ensure quality training.

Flexible Customer Solution

We can discuss a variety of solutions to satisfy your needs and end product. We do understand your problem and accommodate your needs
  • Flexibility – 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Production – accommodate all production and shift patterns.
  • Venue –
  • Facilitator options – class based, tutor based – flexible to suit all environments.
  • Facilitators trained to manage combined levels.
  • Combined levels for cost effectiveness.
  • Flexible Formative assessment process – Internal (Triple E Training), External Portfolio Based, IEB Exams & International Exams.


If you have a problem we will be there. We pride ourselves in quick response and feedback.


We deliver in all 9 provinces Back-up We have 1500 facilitators on our database of which we utilise 70 % in current projects. New facilitators are continuously trained and added to our database. Triple e Training always tries to recruit and train from the local community.

Delivery Time

Because of our capacity we can deliver at any given time …… even after hours. Scheduling of your training will fit into you organisational requirements. We adapt to shift and production requirements.


Training on site
  • Venue requirements: Tables, chairs whiteboard and flipchart.
  • If required a venue can be arranged.
  • Venue requirements can be determined and solutions discussed.


We have an extensive control mechanism to manage from and external and an internal source to ensure effectives of facilitators.
  • Selection criteria.
  • Learner Management System.
  • Client monthly confirmation of hours on site.
  • Back-up facilitators.
  • Production postponements.
  • Event notification system.
  • Dedicated project management support.


Structured projects lead to successful projects. That is why Triple e Training do not believe in un-tutored class room interventions. We will always recommend formal facilitator supervised training sessions. Triple e Training will schedule training interventions to your operational requirements. Employees with limited skills will benefit more with training with supervision.

Final Assessments / Summative Assessment

Triple e Training offers our customers various options for final / summative assessment to accommodate your specific requirements:
  • Independent Examination Board.
  • Portfolio of Evidence.
  • Department of Education.
Please talk to your Triple e Training representative to determine your best suitable option.

Effective Client Communication

Project communication takes place from the customer to the project management team and then to the facilitator. The key to successful project is that all parties adhere to the communication procedure.
Changing Lives Together