Experienced and accredited ABET facilitators provide learner support to ensure successful BEE training

Problem: Low-skilled employees lost interest in training because they did not understand a computer

My client is a member of the manufacturing, engineering and related services SETA (merSETA) and is based in Krugersdorp. The company has recently attempted adult education and training (AET) with a different outsourced service provider but it was unsuccessful. One of the reasons my client feels the AET, also known as ABET, did not achieve the desired results is because the training was conducted as distance learning using a computer. Being illiterate the employees, who are also not computer literate, struggled with the learning material and no progress was made. The low-skilled employees lost interest in the training because they did not understand how to work a computer.

Solution: ABET programmes facilitated in person by a qualified facilitator

At Triple E Training our ABET programmes are facilitated in person during group sessions by a qualified ABET facilitator. Our most popular learning areas are Communication in English (literacy) and Mathematics (numeracy), and cover ABET level 1 through to ABET level 4.
The group of 12 low-skilled employees will be guided through Communication in English by a qualified and experienced facilitator over the next couple of weeks.

Expert opinion: Always check that your service provider is accredited

Without the correct accreditation an ABET training provider and facilitator should not be able to operate in South Africa. The reality is however that some outsourced service providers and facilitators do not have the correct accreditation or any accreditation at all which results in substandard training and often, as was the case for my client, ABET that delivered no tangible results.
Before your company embarks on ABET always check that your service provider is accredited with the governing body. In South Africa Umalusi is the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training and a list of accredited ABET service providers can be found on their web site.
Triple E Training was, at the time of writing this article, one of six private ABET service providers in the country that holds a 7-year accreditation status with Umalusi. This is the flagship accreditation status and service providers with this accreditation are fully compliant in the aspects of mission-directed leadership and management; teaching and training; learning and assessment; learner support; and institutional performance evaluation and review.
By securing the services of an accredited ABET service provider your company will also benefit by being able to claim the skills development grant from your SETA. The ABET provided by an accredited institution also contributes points towards the skills development element of your BEE Scorecard, your Workplace Skills Plan (WSP), and your Annual Training Report (ATR).

Call to action: Triple E Training – Your accredited ABET partner

With Triple E Training as its partner my client, who is based in Krugersdorp, can be assured of not only quality outsourced BEE training but also exceptional learner support; the latter which is crucial to the real success of any ABET programme.


At a cost of R200k my client, a member of the merSETA based in Krugersdorp, has embarked on on-going ABET for a group of 12 low-skilled employees. After a previous unsuccessful attempt at ABET, conducted via distance-learning on computers, my client can rest assured that our experienced and accredited ABET facilitators will provide the necessary learner support to ensure the success of outsourced BEE training.

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