Magda van der Merwe


With two decades’ experience in the field of adult education and training (AET), skills development as well as further education and training (FET), I am passionate about the upliftment, education and enrichment of communities in South Africa.


My career with Triple E Training commenced the year after I matriculated.  Over the past 20 years I have broadened my skills and expertise from that of a receptionist to being one of the company’s top three marketers, holding the position as Executive Marketer.  My experience over the past two decades has been built through hard work and dedication as I managed most aspects of the business thus building a solid background and obtaining a wealth of knowledge.  Part of my responsibilities as Executive Marketer include managing more than 100 training projects on a monthly basis at national level for clients that range from SMMEs to large corporates in the private sector.


Each project is unique in its own way and equally important regardless of whether it is offered in one of our major cities or in a rural area.  Being hands-on and passionate about adult education in South Africa I approach each training project based on the client’s individual needs and offers a solution tailor-made to their specific requirements.


Developing communities in rural areas is another of my passions and through the skills development training offered by Triple E Training communities benefit greatly through decreased crime and increased literacy levels which results in more people entering the job market thus giving them an opportunity to earn an income.  All-in-all, empowering the people of South Africa is what I am passionate about.  Together with Triple E Training we change lives.


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