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The STAR Assessment series is a multiple-choice assessment tool to establish whether a candidate falls within two of the three broad bands of the NQF.
The STAR assessment is in no way intended to humiliate or challenge any individual. It was designed to assist in a sifting process to establish an assumed literacy and numeracy band.

Assessing the abilities of individuals disclose:

  • Communication ability
  • Numeracy ability (for figure-orientated tasks)
  • Processing skills
  • Trainability
  • Awareness of the average communication level within an organization
  • Focussed improvement
  • More effective and efficient communication between management and people

All seventy-five questions are graded, using regular words that represent junior primary school up to senior secondary school level in an English First Language institution. Common errors, made by second and third language users, are included to enable a more accurate conclusion. The Language Section of the STAR Assessment takes ten minutes to complete.

Multiple-choice questions serve as a mechanism to distinguish between the individual’s capacity to identify possible answers, to eliminate inaccurate possibilities, to analyze words and parts of words, and to associate the question and answer. Cognitive thinking skills need to be applied to realize correct answers.

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