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AET/ABET, FLC, REALLL and Learnerships

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The first step to a successful training programme is to determine the skills level of your employees or learners.
To accomplish this we offer indepth Placement Assessments that will provide you with everything you need to make an informed decision.
It is extremely important for an employee or learner to start at the right level.

We deliver from the smallest, most rural areas to the largest mainstream cities in South Africa. We deliver –
  • to your site; or
  • in your community.

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Live Coaching Sessions- our alternative method of delivering skills development and training, and heavily relies on our expertise.

It is delivered remotely and is a session of 1 to 3 learners with a dedicated facilitator.


Face-to-face on site – our traditional, tried and tested method of delivering your skills development project where you need it most.

A class of 12 learners, with a dedicated full-time facilitator that is on-site for the duration of the project.

AET is foundational, entry-level to Grade 9 equivalent education specifically developed for the work environment.

FLC is foundational workplace oriented education that is for employees or learners at the equivalent of Grade 9 to Grade 12 levels. FLC is assessed with examinations.

REALLL is much like FLC and addresses the same levels of workplace education. It however is streamlined for quicker completion and assessment is conducted with a Portfolio of Evidence and assessed without examinations.

Learnerships are workplace education specific to industries and their requirements. There are options available from NQF 1 (equivalent to Grade 9) to NQF 4, which is equivalent to Grade 12

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