How a 5-year skills development plan can benefit medium to large corporates

There are many challenges facing businesses when it comes to BBBEE audits each year. In this article, we explain how a 5-year skills development plan can benefit medium to large corporates.

The possible reason for slow progress made in skills development

Towards the end of last year former minister Trevor Manuel addressed delegates at the ABSIP Conference on how the three priority elements of the BEE scorecard – ownership, skills development, and enterprise and supplier development – works in practice. He noted the slow progress made by one of these pillars: skills development. The root of the problem, in his opinion, is that the career path of most professionals follow a similar course: “The individual emerges from university with a skill set, they find employment where such skills can find application and be honed, and later they take on additional leadership learning. However, what tends to happen, is that it appears easier for young black professionals to leave the rigours of life in large corporates for a more entrepreneurial style.”

The BEE dilemma facing medium to large corporates

We realise that this potentially leaves the large corporate with a dilemma when it comes to the skills development element of their BEE scorecard. With fewer young black professionals to enrol on training programmes, corporates might find it more difficult to score points for skills development at the time of their BBBEE audit.

Earn up to 47 points on your BEE scorecard

It is however possible to earn up to 47 points on your BEE scorecard without having to train your own employees. By training individuals or groups from external communities within Category C and D of the Learning Programme Matrix your company will not only earn points towards the skills development element, but also towards the socio-economic development element of the scorecard.
One such training initiative is the learnership programme, which is classified as Category C and D training. At Triple E Training we offer NQF 1 learnership programmes in business practice, and manufacturing and engineering related activities. The programme, that is presented as a simulation of theoretical knowledge and workplace learnings, is typically presented at the client’s premises.

The 5-year skills development plan

Because a learnership programme, whether for your own employees or for groups within the external community, is a long-term initiative it is imperative that your business has a strategic 5-year skills development plan in place. Some of the benefits associated with Triple E Training compiling your plan are:
  • A clear outline of your training budget for a 5-year period;
  • Elimination of annual procurement of a training service provider (i.e. long-term relationship with Triple E Training); and
  • A 5-year training plan that include intent (this means that ABET will automatically count as a learnership due to the qualification obtained by the learner at the end of the 5-year period);

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