What happened to my Training Provider!

We don’t know if you’ve thought about this, but we have noticed that some training providers are no longer in business. We are concerned not only for our industry, but also the effect this will have on the learners’ progression and possibly your company too. Have you asked yourself the following? : 1) Is your … Read more

We are made to connect!

After the many days of lockdown, we think we all know that the one thing that really stood out for us all, what we craved for the most part and what we desperately missed is a small yet crucial thing… human contact. Our daily interactions in work life, like seeing other people, discussing concepts among … Read more

AET, FLC and Learnerships – Delivered differently!

We’re offering AET, FLC and Learnership Live Coaching sessions now! What is live coaching? It is an interactive face-to-face session, hosted by a dedicated facilitator, in small groups of 1 to 3 learners at a time. The sessions are hosted 1-to-1 and up to 1-to-3 via WhatsApp.I know it’s a cliche, “Employees are a company’s … Read more

Let us discuss and share Covid-19 training solutions

… also had enough of Covid-19 … Yeah , the word has almost become a “swear” word in my home and office. How could we ever have prepared for this “disaster” !? Let alone know how to prepare for the future? … Will, there be a silver lining? … Yes, there will be a brighter … Read more

The positive role of literacy during a lockdown

JOHANNESBURG – March 31, 2020 – The COVID-19 lockdown was just hours old in South Africa when the first reports started coming through in the traditional broadcast media about people breaking the stay-at-home instructions posed by the government to try and slow down the spread of the potentially deadly virus. From the SABC1 to as … Read more

COVID-19 lockdown underscores the importance of face-to-face learning

JOHANNESBURG – April 02, 2020 – All over South Africa right now, children in middle class and wealthy homes, whose families have access to technology including Wi-Fi and mobile data, have begun a phase of their education that nobody foresaw when they were first enrolled at their current schools – home-schooling. And all over the … Read more

How will the soon-to-be-implemented Employment Equity Amendment Bill affect your business?

How will the soon-to-be-implemented Employment Equity Amendment Bill affect your business? Bill now before Parliament; includes requirements for employee training and compliance certificates for government tenders JOHANNESBURG – March 04, 2020 – South Africa is facing a double dilemma right now in terms of unemployment and skills. Firstly, we have one of the highest unemployment … Read more

FLC – Foundational Learning Competence

Solutions for your company Why train FLC? Fast-tracked part-qualification Improves workplace communication & writing Establishes problem solving & critical thinking Increased workforce competence Streamlines company operations & processes Entry into Qualifications & Learnerships Partnering with your company. How does it work? We come to you, no matter where in South Africa you are. Employees have … Read more

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