Foundational Learning Competence – the next step after AET?

Back in 2010, the IEB (Independent Examinations Board) implemented Foundational Learning Competence or FLC for short. They believed it necessary because there was a clear need for a higher level of skill in fundamental proficiency among the South African workforce. And so FLC was designed and implemented to address this critical shortage. For the employee, … Read more

Know your Training Provider

Know your Training Provider. ABET/AET Accredited with Umalusi Training providers must be accredited with Umalusi to be able to legally offer assessment and tuition services in South Africa. These training providers are registered on the General and Further Education and Training Qualifications Sub-Framework (GFETQSF) In accrediting training providers, Umalusi is guided by policy documents that … Read more

Why is Workplace Proficiency important for your company?

Why is Workplace Proficiency important? Have you ever given an employee a well-formulated task, yet the end result failed to meet your expectations? What could have gone wrong? Have you considered that your school-leaver employees aren’t geared for the workplace? It is a common misconception that matriculants or school leavers are proficient in the workplace. … Read more

AET Opens Doors

AET opens doors through lifelong learning. Before a structure is built, the engineers spend months on a solid foundation. Nobody sees the foundations – they never win architectural awards, but without them, the strongest structure is vulnerable. This article is about the opportunities that Adult Education and Training (AET / ABET) provides. AET is a … Read more

Crucial Skills Development changes to B-BBEE Scorecard Elements

Are you aware? In March 2018 proposed changes were published on some of the B-BBEE scorecard Skills Development Elements (Government Gazette 41546). This means that your current Skills development project may be in jeopardy if you are not ready to implement your training in line with these changes. For people whose primary concern is business … Read more