Changing Lives Together.

We offer NQF 1 – 4 Training – which includes AET, FLC and Learnerships – to companies across South Africa. Established in 1991, we have led the way in the field of vocational training for 27 years.

Our workplace education and training programmes are designed for on-the-job development. No matter where you are, or how remote your location, our facilitators come to you to train your employees on- or off-site.

Work-based education and training Educates Employees, Enriches Lives and Empowers Organisations, while uplifting the Economy of South Africa.

We offer …*


Peri Formwork Scaffolding Engineering, Cape Town

Excellent service and support provided. Organised and efficient.Dionne du Plessis
Sales Engineer, Cape Town

IMDEX Limited

We had a manager doing level 4 and it’s phenomenal how he now interacts with other managers. So we can see the value that Triple E added to the employees. Would definitely recommend them.Deidre van den Heever
HR Advisor

Tupperware SA

Tupperware is all about quality, Triple E is top quality. We saw they are as passionate as we are about training. It’s their passion & flexibility that brought us over. They are a very good company and I would definitely recommend them.Cyd Nikola
HR Business Partner

in South Africa*

Triple E Training has a Nationwide footprint.

From Polokwane to Port Elizabeth; from Alexander Bay to Amanzimtoti.
No company is too small.
No location is too remote.
WE are merely a Location Pin away.

No matter where you are.
We come to you!


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