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We offer NQF 1 – 4 Training – which includes AET, FLC and Learnerships – to companies across South Africa. Established in 1991, we have led the way in the field of vocational training for 30 years.

Our workplace education and training programmes are designed for on-the-job development. No matter where you are, or how remote your location, our facilitators come to you to train your employees on- or off-site.

Work-based education and training Educates Employees, Enriches Lives and Empowers Organisations, while uplifting the Economy of South Africa.

Kindly note, as from the 30th of September 2021, all learner portfolios completed in the period from 2005 to 2020 will be destroyed. Should you want to retrieve your portfolio, kindly complete this form

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Fantastic service! The tutor is experienced, professional and created a positive learning environment.
- Lynne Anderson- Phendula Synergy
I am so happy to have Marinda and her team as our service provider. They are fast , efficient and always ready to assist and to go the extra mile . Thanks a mil for all your assistance ! I highly recommend your services
- Liana Koopman- In2Food
We have a longstanding relationship going back many years. If we were not impressed by your service, this would not have been the case. You build true customer relationships and your personal follow-ups and check-ins are appreciated.
- Corle Grobler- SKF South Africa

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in South Africa*

Triple E Training has a Nationwide footprint.

From Polokwane to Port Elizabeth; from Alexander Bay to Amanzimtoti.
No company is too small.
No location is too remote.
WE are merely a Location Pin away.

No matter where you are.
We come to you!


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Changing Lives Together