Using accredited training providers are important for your company’s skills development compliance

Accredited training providers are those service providers that have been granted accreditation status by Umalusi. This status is granted to a private service provider at the end of a quality assurance process that attests to the quality of training services offered. Why use accredited training providers? There are several good reasons that your company should … Read more

Training in the workplace educates, enriches, and empowers adults

Every CEO dreams of having an empowered workforce, but empowerment doesn’t happen by itself. Training provides education, and education leads to empowerment. Empowered employees can take ownership of their duties, and this ultimately results in increased effectiveness, output, and a more capable, responsible, and devoted workforce. Training is a conscious investment To undertake training for … Read more

Skills investment into disabled people

According to the World Report on Disability (2011), disabled persons have a far less chance of being employed, with similar trends observed in job advancement and security. One of the main issues highlighted causing this trend both locally and internationally is a severe lack of skills investment into disabled people when they are young. Thus, … Read more

BEE Training in category B and C

BEE Training in category B and C in the learning programme matrix will enable your business to achieve the maximum point under the skills development element of the scorecard. How can your business get the most out of BEE training? The solution is easy: implement accredited skills programmes and learnerships. There are three elements in … Read more

100% benefit on training spend through an outsourced service provider

Challenge: Internal training spend cannot be claimed back in full My client is not only one of the largest electrical wholesalers in Southern Africa but also a registered training provider with their own accredited national training facility in Doornfontein, Johannesburg. Although it will be easy and convenient for them to conduct their own skills development … Read more