Using accredited training providers is important for your company’s skills development compliance

Skills Development Compliance Why use accredited training providers? There are several good reasons that your company should partner with an accredited training service provider for all its skills development requirements. Some of them include: It is one of the qualification criteria for SETA grants and SARS tax rebates You can be assured that the quality … Read more

ABET/AET Accreditation

So what if you aren’t accredited? Triple E Training is not an accrediting body and cannot assist with accrediting any other providers, but because we receive many requests via www.localhost/eee-2017 and facebook regarding the ABET/AET accreditation process, and specifically the process that ABET/AET Providers need to follow, we are hereby outlining a few guidelines. Four … Read more

Umalusi Accredited Colleges and Providers

Don’t be fooled by marketing mumbo jumbo! Somehow, somewhere in the whole unraveling of training and education field, the list and meaning of “Umalusi accredited Colleges and Providers” has been slightly twisted to say the least. Many organisations have been unfortunately fooled by marketing mambo jumbo. Umalusi, the council for quality assurance in general and … Read more

We are Taking Umalusi accreditation very seriously

Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd has received full accreditation from Umalusi as an AET/ABET Provider. This is a true milestone as there have been NO providers accredited, fully, previously. It is a noteworthy achievement for Triple E Training, Umalusi and indeed for ABET itself. Full accreditation gives status to ABET, which at times is … Read more

Accredited Learnership Providers

Be Sure To Choose Accredited Learnership Providers The history of adult education in South Africa has been a variable one. Opposed initially by the former regime, it eventually fell to English-speaking varsities to first address the issue with weekend and evening classes. With the advent of a new dispensation, private training and education companies appeared … Read more

What is Employee Development and why is it so Important?

The basic definition of employee development is the on-going effort between the employee and the organization they work for to upgrade and improve the employee’s knowledge, social and business skills and their unique abilities. For this to have a successful result it requires a balance between the needs and goals of an employee’s career and … Read more

Key Concepts in Business Management

There are several key issues in business management, especially in small or medium sized companies that require more time and planning than most individuals are willing to commit to. These issues, no matter how frivolous they might seem each play major a role in the eventual success of you company. Some of these factors include … Read more

Umalusi ABET centres

Triple e is one of the Umalusi ABET centres meaning that we have the full accreditation to provide courses on specific subjects and NQF levels. As one of the Umalusi ABET centres we provide high quality education, courses structured according to standards set, have presenters with the necessary qualifications and experience, and make use of … Read more

How much will it cost the company to enrol employees in one of the ABET courses?

Costs vary according to the number of employees enrolled in the ABET courses, the levels they attend, the duration of the classes, location, and additional courses taken or presented including project management, steel work, life skills management, and time management etc. We tailor the packages around the client requirements whether for African language courses, literacy, … Read more

ABET course costs

We understand the companies and learners want to keep their learning experiences within their budget range. It is for this reason that we take every possible step to ensure quality education at an affordable price. The ABET course costs vary according to location, number of attendees, levels taken and materials required. The ABET course costs … Read more