SETA Accredited Courses

What are SETA Accredited Courses? We often hear the term “SETA accredited courses” but very few people actually know what these are and how they impact on our lives.  First we have to know what SETA is!  SETA stands for Sector Education and Training Authority and role thereof is to provide a framework of skills … Read more

Math Courses for Adults

Boost Confidence and Improve Literacy Levels with Adult Math Classes Many adults in this country have not completed matric or even progressed beyond grade 9, and this could cause a serious lack of numeric comprehension that could affect the life of an adult negatively.  Adult math classes can help to progress you or your employees … Read more

Numeracy Training

The Importance of Numeracy Training Numeracy training goes hand in hand with literacy training, and actually forms part of the entire concept of literacy.  In the past literacy was defined as the ability to read, but nowadays it is just as important to be able to deal with numeral or mathematical concepts as it is … Read more

Adult Math Classes Gauteng

Adult Math Classes Are Vital To Gauteng One region has long been important both commercially and industrially to the economy of South Africa. Acting like a gigantic magnet, it continues to draw large numbers of migrants, all hungry for work and a share in that economy. For many, adult math classes may first be needed … Read more

Learn Math

Steps To Take To Learn Math Most people want to run away in horror when they find out the need to learn math. However, for millions of people around the world who lack any kind of math skills, the ability to learn math is just about one of the greatest things that can happen to … Read more

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