Who is Responsible for Adult Education and Training – AET / ABET?

Lack of Fundamental Education is everyone’s problem; Triple E Training has the answer. Imagine a country where adult education and training AET / ABET is not necessary because every person is literate. It may seem counter-productive, but that will be the greatest celebration in the history of Triple E Training. We long for the day … Read more

100% benefit on training spend through an outsourced service provider

Challenge: Internal training spend cannot be claimed back in full My client is not only one of the largest electrical wholesalers in Southern Africa but also a registered training provider with their own accredited national training facility in Doornfontein, Johannesburg. Although it will be easy and convenient for them to conduct their own skills development … Read more

The importance of learner assessment before commencing AET

Requirement: AET ABET as part of the skills development strategy AET – Adult Education and Training and ABET – Adult Basic Education and Training are one and the same. My client, that operates in the tourism industry across South Africa, required Adult Education and Training (AET, also known as ABET) as part of the workplace … Read more

AET helps with the growing demands of a fast-expanding business

AET – Adult Education and Training and ABET – Adult Basic Education and Training are one and the same. Challenge: Due to a high number of illiterate workers there is a risk of delaying project completion. My client, a member of the Construction Education and Training Authority (CETA), is experiencing a spurt in organic growth … Read more

Experienced and accredited ABET facilitators provide learner support to ensure successful BEE training

Problem: Low-skilled employees lost interest in training because they did not understand a computer My client is a member of the manufacturing, engineering and related services SETA (merSETA) and is based in Krugersdorp. The company has recently attempted adult education and training (AET) with a different outsourced service provider but it was unsuccessful. One of … Read more

Identify low-skilled employees through ABET assessment

Challenge: Low-skilled employees make crucial measurement errors A member of the manufacturing, engineering and related services SETA (merSETA), my client that is based in Krugersdorp has been experiencing some challenges with low-skilled employees that make crucial measurement errors. After conducting an initial assessment, it came to light that two of the employees are barely literate … Read more

ABET helps to establish a formal and on-going training and development programme

Requirement: Establish a culture of training and development as part of the BBBEE Strategy My client, a well-known consumer beverage brand with its head office in Johannesburg, came to the realisation that they have several low-skilled employees. Without any formal training and development programme it is not possible to develop career plans for its work … Read more

AET for Skills Development enables my client to claim 125% of the actual spend

Challenge: Employees lack fundamental skills which makes supply chain management a real challenge My client, a logistics company with a national footprint, has been experiencing productivity loss due to high levels of illiteracy within the ranks of its warehousing staff. The employees in the warehouses mostly do not have a clear understanding of what is … Read more