Quality Assurance

Does your Training Provider Quality Assure its Training? Some educational institutions have adopted Quality Management Systems to improve quality, or perhaps to improve their ability to market themselves. This type of approach is most common in vocational education institutions. Accreditation is an important mechanism of quality assurance within education. institutions have to be accredited by … Read more

How do Adults Learn ABET/AET?

AET – Adult Education and Training and ABET – Adult Basic Education and Training are one and the same. ABET/AET involves learning a second language and acquiring numerical and problem-solving skills. Only once these foundations (ABET/AET) are laid many vital skills and subjects can be added to the adult’s knowledge, understanding and skills-base. The home … Read more

Clear the backlog on your mining operation’s SLP through SETA accredited ABET programmes

Challenge: Backlog on ABET as part of SLP My client in the mining industry is located in a rural area in the North West province close to the border between South Africa and Botswana which makes it difficult to find a supplier for outsourced Adult Based Education and Training (ABET/AET). The result is that its … Read more

Education the Most Valuable Human Right

Education is intrinsically valuable as humankind’s most effective tool for personal empowerment. Education is the most valuable human right because it is integral to and enhances human dignity through knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Education and Training (and Development, whatever the term) is the very prerequisite for an individual to function as a complete human being … Read more

New Learning and Development for Business Practices

Organisations that fail to adjust their learning and development for business practices struggle today with growth and productivity. As a result, leading companies are abandoning traditional methods of learning and choosing more effective business-related training solutions that encourage talent and improve performance. Organisations should adapt their learning strategies to meet the demands of today’s workforce … Read more

Why be Mediocre when you can be Magnificent?

Mediocrity takes a lot less time than magnificence and the danger is that it’s extremely silent in its damage. When we notice mediocrity’s detrimental effects, it is for the mostpart, too late. South Africa’s education system has developed a reputation for promoting a culture of mediocrity. It is widely verbalized that this mediocrity will undermine … Read more

Community Development Programmes that Work

Training Interventions that Can Make a Difference Community development is a way of strengthening society by prioritising the challenges of communities, and their perspectives in the development of social, economic and environmental policy. It aims for the empowerment of local communities. What is community development Community development should aim to strengthen the capacity of people … Read more

Training for Adults

Using World-class Curriculum Training for Adults in General The Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd’s curriculum documents for all learning guides, advocates the South African approach to the training for adults in literacy, numeracy and business learning and teaching. source: #1 The Triple E Training approach places the learner at the very center of the … Read more

What about Adult Education ?

Adult Education in a Nutshell So many adults have returned and are returning to the ‘classroom’, that the phrase ‘adult education’ has become somewhat overused and misunderstood. Adult education in the truest sense refers to all learning that adults engage in beyond formal/traditional schooling. In the most-used sense, adult education is about literacy, about adults learning … Read more