FLC helps develop competent tradespeople

FLC or foundational learning competence is helping to develop skilled tradespeople. Many individuals who are proficient in their jobs are unable to attain a formal qualification at a National Qualifications Framework level. This is because their English literacy and numeracy skills are not up to standard. Yet, there is a dire shortage of competent artisans … Read more

Triple e Training – Changing Lives Together

Triple e Training – Changing Lives Together In a world defined by change, the need for comprehensive adult education, training and skills development has become more critical than ever. From limited resources to inadequate primary education and early development challenges, people are entering the workforce and immediately falling behind. Whether they’re underqualified, unprepared, or simply … Read more

Accredited training provider’s adult basic education and training or “ABET” helps address rising levels of inequality

Adult basic education and training or “ABET” remains one of the many tools that can be used to fight rising inequality. Structured and formal adult literacy training and adult numeracy training are available from a leading accredited training provider to help people complete their education and improve their circumstances. This workplace training for low skilled … Read more

Foundational learning competence lays a solid base for further skills development

Triple E Training, a leading accredited training provider, is helping industry develop a robust pipeline of skills that is needed to rebuild the economy following the devastating impact of the COVID-19 virus on the livelihoods of so many South Africans. This accredited training provider’s foundational learning competence or “FLC” training is also giving hope to … Read more

(FLC) Foundational Learning Competence – All you may need to know.

HistoryIn 2010, the Independent Examinations Board implemented Foundational Learning Competence or FLC for short. They believed it necessary because there was a clear need for a higher level of skill in fundamental proficiency among the South African workforce. And so FLC was designed and implemented to address this critical shortage.For the employee, the skills gained … Read more

Changing Lives Together