How BEE Mucked up Training

Did you jump on the B-BBEE bandwagon with regard to skills development? Is your training provider pushing immediate compliance, or focusing on the long-term growth of your company? Genuine, Broad-Based BEE vs. BEE compliance Adult Education, Skills Development and Community Training are prime examples of how to empower the people of South Africa. However, many … Read more

Every Training Project is Different

Each of our clients has different needs, so we tailor our Training accordingly Triple E Training has been at the forefront of adult education and workplace training since 1991. Over the past 27 years, we have developed our products and services to meet the needs of a changing South Africa. Our passion for life-long learning … Read more

Incorporating Learnerships into the Corporate Environment

Work-based learning is a training strategy that provides employees with real-life work experiences where they can apply theoretical and technical skills and develop their employability. Work-based Learnerships deliberately merge theory with practice. In this document we will investigate the impact Learnerships can have on your business, and the impact your business can have on Learnerships. The … Read more

Basic education and training is a social event

One often hears of organisations that enrols employees on foundational training by means of computer-based learning. We argue that staff who needs to learn the basics of English and Maths can only do so efficiently when they have face-to-face interaction with co-learners and facilitators. We do not oppose the fact that computer-based learning can be … Read more

Making skills development compliance and tax incentives easy with learnerships

Recent changes in South African taxation laws requires all businesses who are registered with SARS for employees’ tax purposes to also be registered with SARS for skills development, irrespective of whether they are excluded from paying the levy. Further changes in the BEE codes stipulates that all companies must comply to all elements of the … Read more

ABET provides basic foundational skills such as reading and writing

Challenge: Lack of communication was severely impacting mining operations My client, who operates in the mining industry, experienced challenges communicating with a group of eight employees at a site located in Matatiele in KwaZulu-Natal because the community in this small rural village does not speak any English. The lack of communication was severely impacting mining … Read more

Business Practice -A Full Qualification that Makes Business Sense

Business Practice -A Full Qualification that Makes Business Sense Programme approval for the Business Practice qualification with the Service SETA has once again been granted to Triple E Training. source #1 Business Practice is a full qualification that just makes business sense. This full qualification inspires ABET/AET learners to see every opportunity as a business … Read more