Financial Literacy – tis the Season

As the holiday season surely approaches, many South African are already preparing for it by buying gifts, planning family gatherings, organising functions and perhaps even vacations. All these activities cost money! And it’s the season when we are tempted to spend more money than we have. So how is your financial literacy? Budgeting, like going … Read more

Literacy Training

The Importance of Literacy Training Today Literacy is imperative to function in society today.  It improves job prospects and allows people to manage their everyday lives better.  The concept of “literacy” does not only refer to the ability to read.  It really refers to adults being able to use written information to the benefit of … Read more

Literacy in South Africa

Literacy In South Africa Is Still An Issue It is gradually approaching two decades since South Africa underwent its long overdue transition to majority rule and equality for all. Among the less commendable legacies of the former government is a large segment of the adult population that is functionally illiterate. Today, literacy in South Africa … Read more

Numerical Illiteracy

The Importance Of Eliminating Numerical Illiteracy Numerical illiteracy refers to people or persons who do not have the ability to count or perform basic calculations. Numerical illiteracy affects mainly the adult population group in South Africa and is largely due to the lack of education that adult persons were afforded in the past. But having … Read more