Mining: Compliance, SLP, and Socio-Economic Development

Mining Compliance, SLP, Socio-Economic Development. Comply with the Mining Charter’s SLP whilst achieving the socio-economic development element of the BEE verification process. Business expansion is the answer to developing and emerging economies. It must however include growth that leads to the reduction of the gap between the very rich and the very poor. In this … Read more

Basic education and training is a social event

One often hears of organisations that enrols employees on foundational training by means of computer-based learning. We argue that staff who needs to learn the basics of English and Maths can only do so efficiently when they have face-to-face interaction with co-learners and facilitators. We do not oppose the fact that computer-based learning can be … Read more

Skills development leads to economic empowerment

Arguably the biggest pain point in post-democracy South Africa has been the economic empowerment of the marginalised majority of the country. There are basically two types of economic inequalities: wealth inequality and income inequality. Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment has been an inadequate legislative response to wealth and income inequality because it places an unhealthy focus … Read more

Language is for Life

Life–long Learning is one of the principles underpinning the system of Adult Education and Training. This principle is concerned with the continual improvement of learning and skills acquisition to meet the demands of the economy, social development, as well as the needs of individuals. The European Commission definition of life-long learning is “All learning activity … Read more

Skills Development and Your BBBEE Scorecard

The Role of ABET and Learnerships South African business on the whole wants to be BBBEE compliant but doesn’t have the time or know-how to get to grips with the criteria. Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd is no exception and because this is not their area of expertise, they contract an expert in this … Read more

Komatsu focusing on the upliftment and development of the community

a Prize giving took place on 5 November 2013 in Plettenberg Bay. This is a community project running since 2007, Komatsu focusing on the upliftment and development of the community including semi literate, illiterate, adult unemployed, members of the community. This is a joined force between Komatsu S.A, DenRon and Triple e Training. All three … Read more

The Importance Of A HIV And AIDS Awareness Campaign

Everywhere you look there are materials and messages to assist people in understanding and aiding in halting the spread of HIV/AIDS. The problem is that there are still misconceptions about the disease that result in it spreading faster as well as causing harm in other ways. Just a couple of months ago another baby was … Read more

ABET healing social ills

The idea that reading, writing and arithmetic are the foundations of any educational system have been around for centuries. Without these foundations further education is impossible. In fact a lack of these skills will prevent the individual from reaching their true potential. If a country is largely illiterate it will be stuck in the third … Read more

Changing Lives Together