Adult literacy training for workplaces

Adult literacy training is helping companies to improve productivity, efficiency, accuracy and safety in the workplace. However, it is not only employers who benefit from their investment in basic English literacy and maths training. Low skilled employees attain important skills that they need to sustain their employment when they complete adult basic education and training … Read more

ABET / AET helps bridge communication gaps in the workplace.

South Africa is a multilingual society, with the vast majority of the population preferring to communicate in languages other than English at home. Yet, English is the official language of business. This means that there are many South Africans who are unable to communicate effectively in the workplace, impeding productivity, efficiency and accuracy and, in … Read more

The building blocks of successful workplace training

Companies that instil a culture of continuous learning and make workplace training easily accessible to workers, including low-skilled employees, are usually very successful. The ultimate outcome of any fruitful workplace adult education and training or “AET” programme is to instil a passion for learning among low skilled employees. Partnering with a leading accredited training provider … Read more

Ensuring a successful AET programme

A successful adult education and training or “AET” programme is based on three critical factors. First and foremost is identifying the problems that you are experiencing in your organisation as a result of limited literacy and numeracy skills. Then determine the specific interventions that are required to address them with the help of an accredited … Read more

Workplace training is key to global competitiveness

Workplace training is key to global competitiveness Companies the world over are struggling to keep pace with the high demand for employees with cognitive, socio-emotional, technical and digital skills that are needed to enable them to compete effectively at a global level. South Africa, in particular, is at a severe disadvantage. This is considering the … Read more

Triple e Training – Changing Lives Together

Triple e Training – Changing Lives Together In a world defined by change, the need for comprehensive adult education, training and skills development has become more critical than ever. From limited resources to inadequate primary education and early development challenges, people are entering the workforce and immediately falling behind. Whether they’re underqualified, unprepared, or simply … Read more

Adult literacy training and Adult numeracy training unlocks the true potential of low skilled employees

Quality adult basic education and training or “ABET” is unlocking the true potential of intelligent and motivated employees. Before embarking on their learning journey, they were held back because they lacked the Basic English literacy and basic numbers skills that they needed to perform at optimal levels in the workplace. Once low skilled employees have … Read more

Private sector helps government tackle South Africa’s Adult Literacy Training dilemma

South Africa has a significant illiteracy challenge that government is not able to tackle alone. To “break the back of illiteracy”, government also requires support from the private sector. Companies from various industries are playing their part by providing quality adult basic education and training or “ABET” programmes. Supplied by private accredited training providers, these … Read more

Upskilling starts with adult literacy and adult numeracy training

Up skilling South Africa’s workforce so that it is productive and efficient starts with basic literacy and basic numeracy training. For this reason, many companies are outsourcing their adult education and training or “AET” requirements to Triple E Training, a leading accredited training provider. For more than 30 years, our workplace training programmes have helped … Read more

Workplace training – a proactive solution to the skills crisis

Companies are developing the skills they need through workplace training programs. This includes quality Basic English literacy and maths instruction from a leading accredited training provider. These skills lay the foundation for further learning so that workers can develop their careers and improve their livelihoods. Through their ongoing investment into workplace training, Triple E Training’s … Read more

Changing Lives Together