REALLL: Fundamentals NQF 1-2 or NQF 1 – 4

(REALLL) Rapid Effective Accelerated Life Long Learning Unit standard based Fundamentals in Communication and Mathematics NQF 1 – 4 The broad features of REALLL Learning is aligned and streamlined to increase progression Unit Standards are integrated to encourage solid learner development Integration accelerates learning in a progressive way Encourages learners to continue learning through various … Read more

FLC : Foundational Learning Competence NQF 2 – 4

Foundational Learning refers to the competence needed in the low key areas of Communication and Mathematical Literacy in order to deal successfully with occupational learning at NQF Levels 2-4. The broad features of FLC: It replaces the current requirements relating to the Fundamentals within NQF level 2 – 4 registered qualifications. What is the benefits … Read more

Learnerships & Qualifications NQF 1 – NQF 4

Our most popular learnerships are: Business Practice Qualification, Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Activities Qualification & ABET Practice Qualification Learnerships form part of a nationally recognised qualification that is directly linked to an occupation. This means that what the learner learn on a learnership is not just for the particular job that learner can get once … Read more

(AET) Adult Basic Education and Training

AET – Adult Education and Training and ABET – Adult Basic Education and Training are one and the same. Subjects available: Communications in English Level Pre Aet – 4 (NQF 1) Mathematics in English Level 1 – 4 (NQF 1) AET ABET is flexible, developmental and targeted at the specific needs of particular audiences and, … Read more