(AET) Adult Basic Education and Training

AET – Adult Education and Training and ABET – Adult Basic Education and Training are one and the same.

Subjects available:

Communications in English Level Pre Aet – 4 (NQF 1) Mathematics in English Level 1 – 4 (NQF 1)
AET ABET is flexible, developmental and targeted at the specific needs of particular audiences and, ideally, provides access to nationally recognised certificates.
Adult Education and Training is the general conceptual foundation towards lifelong learning and development, comprising of knowledge, skills and attitudes.
Adult Education and Training equips the individual with critical problem-solving and communication skills which “kick-starts” the journey of learning.
AET has grown over the last few years based on the fact that it assists companies with their BBBEE scorecards. i.e. if you do AET ABET you will gain points.
(AET) Adult Education and Training will give your employee’s access to further Qualifications and training.
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