What is the True Value of a Learnership Programme?

A Learnership programme results in enabled employees. Educated employees are the foundation of a successful business. With a strong foundation, you can build a trustworthy and efficient company. What is a Learnership Programme? A learnership programme is a structured programme during which the nominated employee spends some time learning theory and some time learning practical, … Read more

Why do you, as an Employer, need to invest in Learnership Programmes?

Learnership programmes have become an integral part of skills development. Our unique economic situation brought to light alternative ways of bridging the skills development gap. One of these ways is embarking on a Learnership programme. It is, in short, an education tool that will reap the rewards – for employers who implement these programmess and … Read more

The Fundamentals of Skills Development in South Africa

Fundamental Learning and Skills Development are at opposite ends of the Employee Development Escalator. For skilled employees to exit at the top of the escalator, they need to enter with strong, fundamental foundations in place. Possibly the most significant threat we, as a country face, is present and pending. Presently, we have a few skilled … Read more

Incorporating Learnerships into the Corporate Environment

Work-based learning is a training strategy that provides employees with real-life work experiences where they can apply theoretical and technical skills and develop their employability. Work-based Learnerships deliberately merge theory with practice. In this document we will investigate the impact Learnerships can have on your business, and the impact your business can have on Learnerships. The … Read more

Are you ready to submit your annual BBBEE report?

The financial year end marks the deadline for many companies in terms of the submission of their annual BBBEE report. In June 2016 the BBBEE Act has made it compulsory for all listed companies and public entities to formally report on their empowerment status within 90 days of its financial year end. Skills development: an … Read more

Using accredited training providers is important for your company’s skills development compliance

Skills Development Compliance Why use accredited training providers? There are several good reasons that your company should partner with an accredited training service provider for all its skills development requirements. Some of them include: It is one of the qualification criteria for SETA grants and SARS tax rebates You can be assured that the quality … Read more