BBBEE Skills Development Points

Using AET for Skills and Scorecards

The latest requirements for BBBEE Skills Development points necessitate companies in almost all industries to spend 6% of their payroll on Skills Development. If the target of 6% of leviable payroll is spent on Black people, companies will earn 8 points. Skills Development if defined as the extent to which black employees are trained and developed through training and learnerships. It enlarges the skills pool.
Skills Development Points is a priority element to maximise the scorecard. Not addressing the skills development points, could result in a company dropping a level on the BBBEE Scorecard. Category B training becomes a critical part of planning your BBEE Scorecard for the period after 30 April 2015.
The main benefits of utilising Adult Education and Training (AET) for the scoring of BBBEE Skills Development points (Category B in the Learning Programme Matrix) are the following:
  • There is long-term commitment from employees and/or potential employees
  • There is ongoing skills development in place
  • There is no need to constantly source other training programmes or providers for your BBBEE Scorecard
  • Training can be conducted in a flexible and efficient means, while addressing fundamental skills gaps
  • AET allows your staff to lay foundations and truly develop further
  • You can structure the training to maximise your BBBEEE Skills Development Points in a year or over a longer period, depending on your needs.
Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd will assist you with both your AET Training and maximising your skills development points. Twenty three years in the AET field and full accreditation from Umalusi, means that you will benefit
Please contact us for the supporting documentation necessary to claim skills development points.
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