Education is the key to success

The solution to South Africa’s problems is not a national shutdown; the key to success is education, and it starts with basic education.

Highly developed countries have highly educated individuals

The development of a prosperous society is attributed to the education of the inhabitants of that society. Highly educated people are the reason behind the economic, political, and social development of a society. Education aids to open your thoughts to better understand the environment around you.

How businesses can contribute to a better South Africa

Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world.”
Businesses need to try to extend their skills development projects to the unemployed community, so that those people can also learn how to read English. Only when they can read and write English will they be able to fully understand the change required in South Africa, and will the chances improve of them not blindly following a leader out of innocent ignorance.

A skills development programme for the unemployed community

We can help your business contribute to a better South Africa through our complete Category C skills development package. It includes the recruitment of unemployed and disabled people from within the community, the training of those individuals, and submitting all the necessary documentation, that includes proof of training and learner results, to your management team. In this way, you not only make a difference for the people of South Africa and our beautiful country, but you also benefit in that the training can be used as part of your company’s BEE verification process.

The benefits of community upliftment

What are the benefits of community upliftment through skills development for your business? Without being obsessed about compliance, and focussing on true economic empowerment, that ultimately leads to elimination of wealth and income inequality, your business can still become BEE compliant.
Your company complies to three elements of the BEE scorecard if you embark on training the unemployed community: skills development, socio-economic development, and preferential procurement.i

Changing South Africa one learner at a time

“Changing South Africa one learner at a time”. That’s our motto.  Triple E Training is based in Gauteng, and founded in 1991, we work across the country teaching adults to read and write English. Over the years, we have taught more than 20,000 adults how to read, write, and speak English.
For more information contact us at info@localhost/eee-2017 or 010 597 7611.
Changing Lives Together