NQF 1 Business Practice for your BBBEE Scorecard Skills Development

The latest BBBEE codes of good practice highlight the importance of developing employees ending in a full qualification. NQF 1 Business Practice offers a very suitable qualification that would benefit your employees, organisation and benefit your BBBEE Scorecard. NQF 1 Business Practice and your BBBEE Scorecard Skills Development can assist you and save time by not having to constantly source new ‘programmes’ annually because they span over a number of years. It can be custom delivered to meet your specific production demands, operational schedules and organisations budget. AET/ABET is the means and career path for such learners to develop into the a full qualification, exactly like a Graduate reading a 3 year degree or even longer. By advancing the learner through the various AET/ABET learning areas and levels, he/she will complete the full qualification. Enrolling learners with the intent of providing them with a full qualification will qualify for BBBEE Skills Development Category B Points. If you ensure that you follow the correct guidelines of the BBBEE Codes of Good Practice. and enrol the learner with the correct criteria to present to your BBBEE verifier at preparation time of your organisations BBBEE Scorecard. See previous article BBBEE Skills Development Points ( Sources ) The main benefits of NQF 1 Business Practice for your BBBEE Scorecard Skills Development, if structured correctly, are the following:
  • Obtaining of a recognised qualification for previously unskilled staff
  • Qualification can be delivered at your premises
  • Flexibility allows you to structure the programme to fit your Skills Development Budget, BBBEE Scorecard Skills Development Criteria and schedule
  • NQF 1 Business Practice is a business orientated qualification and not a Generic Qualification which will assist in the learners career path and learning plan
  • With AET/ABET Level 4 learners can access this Qualification immediately.
  • All learners at lower levels can start as soon as they have completed the required ABET/AET Learning Areas
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B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice Using AET for Skills and Scorecards
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