Numeracy in South Africa

Poor Levels Of Numeracy In South Africa Threaten Growth A sound knowledge of mathematics, together with its dependent subject of science, has never been in greater demand than in today’s technologically dominated society. Among eastern nations, this trend was quickly spotted by such as China, Korea and the Philippines whose technology industries now generate vast revenues. Sadly, even basic numeracy in South Africa is lacking. Learners are avoiding a subject they see as too difficult while lack of numeracy in South Africa poses a threat to its growth. It is unrealistic to expect that everyone can achieve a higher grade maths pass and also unnecessary. The ability to perform simple, everyday calculations using the four basic arithmetic operators must be more the focus of courses designed to address numeracy in South Africa and that will serve to help many to deal with, not only their jobs but everyday living. It is through the participation of state, business and NGOs, that finance ABET schemes, that the issue of numeracy in South Africa is being resolved. For many South African adults of working age, the prospects of anything more than the most menial employment are slim. Lack of maths ability, often combined with an inability to read and write, presents a near insurmountable obstacle, underling the acute need for improved numeracy in South Africa. Even for those fortunate enough to have a job it will often only provide a subsistence-level wage and without additional skills they have little prospect for advancement. For these too, the need to improve numeracy in South Africa is acute. Global recessionary conditions experienced over the past years have created both hardships and opportunities. By addressing the need for improved numeracy in South Africa, courses such as those offered under the ABET banner are contributing to an improvement in employment prospects, in efficiency within the workplace and, as a result, in aiding economic recovery. It now rests with employers to identify those with needs and to become part of the solution to the problems of numeracy in South Africa. Contact us, leading facilitators of numeracy in South Africa.
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