October 2013

Triple E Training receives sought after International Accreditation

Recently Triple E Training applied for accreditation through the International Accreditation Organisation (IAO), the leading international quality assurance agency. After an evaluation visit in September 2013, Triple E was granted their accreditation status and listed amongst the world’s most prestigious learning institutions. The IAO exclaimed that their management were impressed with the high profile and quality Triple E offers. This resulted in an overwhelming approval to accredit Triple E for 3 years. So what makes Triple E different from other South African organisations?
  • A sterling 22 year track record
  • Impressive teaching and learning methodologies
  • Unique and professionally delivered programmes
  • Highly organised curriculums
  • Tailor made programmes offered all across South Africa
  • A wide range of local certifications and accreditations
Contact Triple E Training today to find out how we can raise your BEE status and boost your bottom line. Triple E Training, Educate, Enrich, Empower “Quality education and educated instructors are imperative for the development of any country.” DIEGO FERNANDO STEINAKER EVALUATION COMMISSION MEMBER FOR THE IAO