Outsourced BEE training by a fully accredited service provider will help to improve your company’s BEE Score

Requirement: My client wants to retain or improve its BEE status

My client, who is a provider of turnkey projects to the mining sector, is subject to the industry’s strict procurement policies. With its current status being that of a Level 3 contributor to BBBEE it is imperative to retain or, even better yet, improve its BEE status.
Having embarked on Adult Based Education and Training (ABET/AET) before, my client was not satisfied with the service delivery of the previous outsourced BEE training provider. As a Level 2 contributor to BBBEE Triple E Training not only offers exceptional ABET services but will contribute to my client’s procurement element on their BEE Scorecard.

Solution: Our facilitators are Umalusi accredited and provide ABET on-site

At Triple E Training we provide ABET facilitators on-site at the client’s facility. Our nationwide network of over 500 facilitators, all of which are Umalusi accredited, have passed all the qualification standards and are acknowledged by the various SETAs and for every specific industry.
By not having to send its employees to an ABET institution will save my client unnecessary loss of production time with staff being away from work and the company will also save on transport arrangements for staff to and from the training facility.

Expert opinion: Changes to the skills development element of the BEE Scorecard in May 2015

With the changes to the skills development element of the BEE Scorecard that was introduced in May 2015 companies in the manufacturing sector are now required to spend 6%, instead of 3%, of its annual payroll on skills development. Those companies who do not comply will fall short of their target.
In addition to ABET contributing to its overall BEE status my client will also benefit on its Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR).

Call to Action: Triple E Training – Experts in ABET and Skills Development

With Triple E Training as its partner my client, in the manufacturing industry, has embarked on a five-year plan that will see a group of six employees trained, on-site, in the fundamentals of ABET: communication and mathematics.


At a total cost of R1-mil my client will be developing the skills of six low-skilled employees over a five-year period as part of its BBBEE Strategy to retain its Level 3 BEE status.

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