Are you ready to submit your annual BBBEE report?

The financial year end marks the deadline for many companies in terms of the submission of their annual BBBEE report. In June 2016 the BBBEE Act has made it compulsory for all listed companies and public entities to formally report on their empowerment status within 90 days of its financial year end.

Skills development: an element of the BBBEE report

Where it was previously seen as a business requirement, reporting on your empowerment status has now become mandated by law. The skills development element of the BBBEE reporting has become a priority element and a lot of focus is placed on the training of black employees, black unemployed adults from the community, and black disabled adults who can be either employed or unemployed.
At Triple E Training we have made compliance with skills development requirements easy. We have several accredited training programmes that will contribute towards your BBBEE report. The most popular is our sponsored learnership programme.

Learnerships for BBBEE reporting

A sponsored learnership is community training for black unemployed adults, and disabled black unemployed adults, that is sponsored by a company. This form of training is an outsourced skills development programme that takes place off-site and is entirely facilitated by our team. It serves as a fully packaged toolkit for companies where, upon completion of the sponsored learnership, the company will receive all the necessary documents that can be submitted to their verification agency for inclusion in the BBBEE report.

What are the benefits of a sponsored learnership?

If your company has left training for the last minute and now need to start the process of your BBBEE reporting, the benefits of our sponsorship learnership are:
It’s quick and easy; There is very little involvement from your HR and/or management team; Your company will benefit in terms of compliance for its BBBEE report in the elements of skills development, socio-economic development, and procurement (we are a BBBEE Level 1 supplier); The learnership takes place off-site and therefore saves your company on valuable resources; and You don’t have to lift a finger – we do it all for you.

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