The Relevance of our Training and Development.

Scoring BBBEE points or making a difference?

As we approach arguably the most important elections in democratic South Africa yet, as we send in the latest discretionary grant applications, analyse training done to date and plan what is still left to do, it is essential that we reflect on the relevance of our Training and Development in our workplaces. Is it indeed relevant? The majority of employees have weaknesses in the skills required by the workplace. Training allows us to strengthen those skills that each employee needs to advance skills. Training should progress employees to a higher level so that they all have similar skills. This reduces weaknesses within the company by for example, lessening the reliance that weaker workers have on those who “know.” However only providing relevant training ensures an employee is truly enabled to perform to or above standard. The relevance of our training and development encourages employees’ confidence because understanding the workplace and the industry, enables us to adopt the responsibilities of the job. Continuous and relevant training keeps a workforce on the cutting edge of industry developments and our companies in leading positions. Some workplaces argue that they only train for black economic empowerment points so there is no point to relevant training. Triple E Training argues that training such as Adult Education and Training (ABET) scores a company points on BBBEE scorecards. ABET and Learnership training programmes contain the essential components of theoretical knowledge and workplace experience thus providing truly varied methods of learning. However the most important fact o\is that ABET and Learnerships have the greatest value in true skills development of a workforce because they are applicable to all other development. .Joe Clack, Financial Director of Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd, believes that if we remain focused on what is significant for our employees, we cannot go wrong. “Surely we should train exactly what is needed in South Africa in order for us to be a success? The people who know best are those in the actual workplaces, who see the “gaps”. “We have the power in our hands to make our training significant and therefore create the genius in all individuals,” says Clack. We need to collectively put pressure on South African Training Providers to offer training and development that is needed, relevant and of quality. Whether industry training for black economic empowerment points (BBBEE) or not is immaterial if the training is excellent. If we continuously developing facilitators in new methodologies and keenly listening to the needs of industry, we’ll provide a win-win situation. The investment in training that a company makes shows the employees they are valued. “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” (John Harvey) Triple E Training can assist you with the ‘recipe” and how to “fight” for the BBBEE points. Rating bodies and suchlike do not always fully understand the world of training let alone which category the training fits. Being a Level 2 contributor to BBBEE, Triple E Training understands the work that goes into preparing a scorecard before a rating body starts its work. And Triple E even has an AET/ABET Programme running for its own employees because of the benefits. It’s relevant and it scores points.
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