How to retain a BEE Level 3 status on the new BBBEE codes

The change in requirements and weightings of the new BBBEE codes could impact your business in a negative way if you continue doing things the same as in the past. A score of 76 on the old BBBEE codes resulted in Level 3 status. A score of 76 on the new BBBEE codes will result in a drop to Level 5 status. To maintain Level 3 status a business now has to score between 90 and 95 on the BEE scorecard.
Another impact on the BEE scorecard is the skills development element. Businesses that continue to implement training initiatives like before will find they are non-compliant on the new BBBEE codes.
How can your business avoid dropping a level on the BEE scorecard? The short answer is: Category B and C training. Skills development in Category B and C, as set out in the learning programme matrix (LPM), contributes 25% of the overall BEE scorecard. As a priority element your business must reach the threshold of 40% on that element or risk being classified as non-compliant.
Another way to avoid a drop in your BEE level is to focus on socio-economic development. At Triple E Training we recruit and train unemployed members of a community on your behalf. This will result in a potential maximum score on the socio-economic development element of the BEE scorecard.
As a level 2 contributor, outsourcing your company’s training to Triple E, will impact positively on the preferential procurement element of the BEE scorecard.
If you want to avoid dropping a level on your BEE scorecard contact Triple E Training today.

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