The Role Of SAQA The 4-letter acronym stands for South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), a body first formed in 1995, just one year after the new dispensation. It consists of a panel of members appointed by joint consultation between the Ministers of Education and Labour following nominations by a number of stakeholders involved in national education and training. The body currently consists of twelve members that are tasked with two main functions relating to the operation of the NQF or National Qualification Framework. SAQA is, firstly, required to guide NQF development by defining the criteria and policies to be followed by the bodies whose job is to set the standards and qualifications needed for accreditation and for monitoring how effective they prove to be. Its second role is to ensure that NQF standards regarding registration and accreditation are implemented and that, among other things, to see that such standards are comparable to those implemented internationally. In essence, this means that the prime role of SAQA is that of maintaining the highest standards of education and training in the country and promoting its value. It Undertakes Numerous Activities The body assumes numerous tasks to fulfil its role. One of these was the establishment of a nationally-recognised system of NQF education and training levels beginning with NQF Level 1, equivalent to Grade 9 or ABET Level 4 representing the transition from general to higher education, and continues to NQF Level 8 or post-graduate qualifications. SAQA and NQF compliant education and training offers all the guarantee of a quality learning solution and applies equally across all segments of the education and training arena. Whether primary, secondary or tertiary education, adult basic education and training or specialised vocational training, the associated NQF Level offers learners the assurance that they are following a recognized course of study that will, in time, lead to a nationally accepted qualification that, in turn, can also provide the entry point to more advanced studies. For all your SAQA approved education and training needs contact us. We have been supporting South Africa’s adult learners across the nation since 1991.
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