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Awareness Session

We’ll come to you. Awareness sessions are arranged on-site to identify and explain to your employees what exactly ABET / AET is all about and how important the program is to the beginning of their lifelong learning journey. (30 minutes)


Placement Assessment

Placement assessments will allow us to figure out who would benefit most from the learning programs, by evaluating each individual employee’s current levels and abilities. This allows us also to establish who does not require training at all.


Assessment Feedback

By understanding the current employee’s abilities, their pace of learning and critical gaps, we’ll provide you with valuable feedback and information about which learning areas would help your staff the most.

Plan & Schedule*

Planning & Scheduling

Our planning and scheduling processes mean that we’ll make sure that we do not interrupt work productivity and arrange sessions to suit you. You will be able to select the training days with times, and we’ll craft you a custom schedule.

Project start*

Implementation & Start of the project

Once we have confirmed the start date, we begin with implementation on day 1, by introducing our onsite facilitator to you and your employees, to create a good environment. We’ll make sure that everyone is comfortable with their levels and understand the training before they begin the program.

Project Management*

Quality and Project Management

For peace of mind, we’ll ensure that you get the service you have paid for and that our high standards are always maintained. We do this by assigning a dedicated QA officer and project manager, specifically to your project.


Feedback and Reporting

We generate monthly feedback and detailed reports on each employee, their monthly attendance, overall progress, and workbook and portfolio progress. We will also compile quarterly learner feedback on their experience as the courses progress, keep you in the loop at all times.

Final Assessment*

Final Assessment and SOR

As each employee completes their individual learning journeys, their portfolios are sent to an independent assessment body for assessment moderation. Shortly thereafter, you’ll receive their final results. Note that each employee is different and will finish their programs at their own pace, so we will remain on board until all employees have been assessed.

Services we offer

Placement Assessment

Placement assessments play a crucial role in assessing each employee’s starting point for their Individual Development Plan. This phase also assists in planning your project effectively and scheduling efficiently. Once we have completed this step, we will be able to assign courses to your team.


A fundamental education program, AET was developed specifically for adults in the work environment. AET provides a solid foundation for further education and training, contributing towards lifelong learning, by focussing on communication and numeracy skills in English.

Foundational Learning Competence (FLC)

FLC forms a part-qualification that includes the fundamental requirements and elements of NQF levels 2 – 4. This course is geared towards improving learning competencies across most trades and occupations.

Rapid Effective Accelerated Life-long Learning (REALLL)

REALLL consist of communication in English training and mathematical literacy learning. This course is focused on employees who work in an occupational setting. The course has been streamlined and refined, allowing for rapid acceleration and progress. This unitstandard based program includes standard NQF level 2 – 4 fundamentals.


Our learnerships consist of work-based training programmes that contribute towards employees obtaining their SAQA or QCTO-registered qualifications. Triple E Training leadership programs combine theory learning with practical workplace experience in any workplace or sector.

Other Services

• FET Placement
• FLC Assessments
• Advanced Awareness Sessions
• AET Bursaries for B-BBEEE purposes
• Community Projects & Disabled Community Initiatives
• AET Social & Labour plan projects for clients in the Mining sector

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Communication Numeracy
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Why are we so different?

  • Backed by more than 30 years of experience, we are industry specialist experts who possess a deep understanding of learning and workplace fundamentals
  • Feedback performs a critical role in our offering and is key to us and our clients’ success. You will receive comprehensive and detailed, high-quality feedback from us on a consistent basis or whenever you request it – at a moment’s notice. Our individual monthly attendance and progress reports mean that you’ll be kept appraised of each of your employees’ progress.
  • Our material has been carefully designed and developed exclusively by us. We do not make use of any public or open-source material – all content and information is authentic and original.
  • Each employee is assessed as an individual person, possessing their own, unique traits. We understand that while some people can learn with ease, others may need a little extra help and support from us. Our comprehensive assessments allow us to understand their individual needs and challenges, leading to a more customised and comprehensive learning experience.
  • We will conduct informative onsite awareness sessions, holding face-to-face engagements with your employees to better inform them of the important benefits that this training has to offer them.
  • Unlock the potential of your employees by investing in skills and development training programs. Education is the key to success, and we’re here to help you help your employees!
  • We have no centres or venues; Your premises, farm or factory is our venue.



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