Triple E Tackles BBBEE!

If you don’t know that the amended BBBEE codes come into effect on 1 May 2015, then your only excuse is that either you are too young to know about BBBEE (BEE for user-friendly purposes), or you’ve been isolated on an island for over a year! By now we are all au fait with the changes to BBBEEE/BEE, but because Triple E tackles BBBEE/BEE too, here are the main changes again:
  • A decrease in the elements from 7 to 5 (see table below)
  • The scores per verification level have changed, making the achievement of higher BBBEE/BEE verification levels harder
  • If a score is NOT achieved of at least 40% of the targeted maximum score in each of the 3 priority elements (ownership, skills development, and enterprise and supplier development), then the verification level will automatically drop by one level
  • Skills development spend requirements are up from 3% to 6% (of your leviable payroll per annum – spent on black staff only)
  • Skills development and management control must match the national Economically Active Population (EAP) for maximum achievement of scores
  • Under preferential procurement, the term ‘Empowering Supplier’ has been included and most suppliers will not meet the required profile in the short term
The pressure is therefore on businesses to score highly in those elements that they can score highly in. This is in addition to strategically aligning all BBBEE/BEE processes to their core business. Triple E Training is no exception. It has been proud of its own Level 2 BBBEE status that it’s maintained for a number of years now. Triple E Training is working diligently to keep its BBBEE/BEE at Level 2 (or better!) with the new BBBEE/BEE scorecard.

The B-BBEE Generic Scorecard

ElementWeightingCode Series Reference
Ownership25 points100
Management Control15 points200
Skills development20 points300
Enterprise and Supplier Development40 points400
Socio-Economic Development5 points500
Triple E is not an Accredited BBBEE/BEE Verification Body, nor a BBBEE/BEE Approved Registered Auditor. They cannot therefore verify your status. In fact it is worthwhile noting that no Training Provider or organisation that is not one of these (Accredited BBBEE/BEE Verification Body OR a BBBEE/BEE Approved Registered Auditor) can assist you with verifying your status.
Where Triple E can assist is by helping you tackle BBBEE with respect to your skills development element. Triple E can provide you a worthwhile training programme, specifically a Learnership, that both meets your training needs and maximizes your skills development for BBBEE. Triple E Training is accredited by Umalusi and two SETAs to offer this accredited skills development.
The skills development element scorecard is clear about the training and the learners when embarking on skills development:

The Skills Development Element Scorecard

Category | Skills Development ElementWeighting PointsCompliance
Skills Development Expenditure on any programme specified in the Learning Programme Matrix for black people as a percentage of the Leviable Amount
Skills Development Expenditure on Learning Programme specified in the Learning Programme Matrix for black people as a percentage of Leviable Amount.86%
Learnerships, Apprenticeships, and internships
Number of black unemployed people participating in Learnerships Apprenticeships and internships as a percentage of number of employees42.5%
Number of black unemployed people participating in training specified in the learning programme matrix as a percentage of number of employees42.5%
Bonus points:
Number of black people absorbed by the Measured and industry Entity at the end of the Learnerships programme 5100%
Triple E Training can you assist you with NQF 1 Business Practice a new learning and development strategy that works. Their own employees are on this learnership!
It has ever-lasting benefits and also adds to your BEE scorecard.
Contact us for further information about how our skills development programmes can assist your BBBEE scorecard
NQF 1 Business Practice Learning Programme Matrix Documents you need and how it helps.
The Revised Codes of Good Practice seem to be geared towards a job creation philosophy by encouraging businesses to increase employment levels year on year through skills development and the empowering supplier mechanism (to be discussed further). While Triple E Training tackles its own BBBEE, let them tackle yours.

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