What is NQF

What is the NQF?

Triple E Training’s products are aligned to the National Qualifications Framework ( NQF ). The NQF is a framework on which standards and qualifications, agreed to by education and training stakeholders throughout the country, are registered. The NQF is a means for transforming education and training in South Africa. It has been designed to :
  • combine education and training into a accepted framework and bring together separate education and training systems into a single, national system;
  • make it easier for learners to enter the education and training system and to move and progress within it;
  • improve the quality of education and training in South Africa;
  • afford up learning and work opportunities for those who were treated unfairly in the past because of their race or gender;
  • enable learners to develop to their full potential and thereby support the social and economic development of the country as a whole.
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