23 Years of Changing Lives

Successes of an ABET Provider

Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd celebrates its 23rd birthday this month, 23 years of changing lives, a feat which is not met by many training providers in South Africa. ABET/AET continues to be Triple E’s core business after many years. The concept of ABET is exclusively South African. ABE means Adult Basic Education. South Africa added the T, for Training in the policy initiatives of the early 1990s. In the 1930’s ABET/AET (called various things from “Literacy”) was enforced by missionaries, churches and the Communist Party and in the late 1940’s legislation insisted on the establishment of night schools. In the following years the government of South Africa did a great deal to destabilize these initiatives, but the 1970’s brought local churches, night schools and many NGO’s established to introduce effective programmes to adults who had been previously neglected educationally. Most English Universities had established adult literacy centres or units by 1989 within the faculty of Education. And then followed a great explosion in this industry. There were learning materials written, foreign funding boomed, the publication of the ABET act and so on. ABET grew………Triple E was born in 1991, before the “boom” and before the establishment of SETA’s, unit standards, outcomes and ABET qualifications! Its first office was a room (borrowed), a computer (which would no longer be recognized as such) and a landline. So what has lead to this institution, Educate Enrich and Empower, becoming a leading ABET Provider in the Southern hemisphere? The shareholders and the directors agree that pure passion about changing lives, self-belief and integrity have been the biggest contributions to Triple E’s accomplishment. It is a simple statement: Be passionate about what you do and it will work. But this statement cannot be underestimated because if you do not like what you do, you cannot and will not last. We are our own motivators and therefore the devotion to changing lives, developing people through ABET, is what has driven this particular team to follow a vision and a goal for 23 years. 23 years of changing lives. It is through partnership with facilitators, project managers, quality assurers, assessors, moderators and many employers all over South Africa that Triple E Training is an established, successful and fully accredited provider. The shareholders’ advice to emerging businesses is: don’t try and do it alone, form partnerships, with people as true and as passionate as you are. Empower different people and empower different regions and the whole team will be enriched, together. Never compromise integrity. Triple E’s birthday wish is that the next 23 years and more will bring even more passionate commitment to the learning process and the lives of South Africans will be truly changed for the better.

1st August 2014

Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd is also accredited to offer the FLC, fundamentals for learnerships, Business Practice and ABET Practice at NQF 4.
Changing Lives Together