23 Years of Changing Lives

Successes of an ABET Provider Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd celebrates its 23rd birthday this month, 23 years of changing lives, a feat which is not met by many training providers in South Africa. ABET/AET continues to be Triple E’s core business after many years. The concept of ABET is exclusively South African. ABE … Read more

Business Skills Classes

Improve Your Companies Productivity and Efficiency with Business Skills Classes Every business needs to employ staff members and ensuring that these individuals are able to effectively and efficiently carry out their duties should be a number one priority for all business owners. A business can only be productive and profitable if each staff member is … Read more


SAQA – The South African Qualifications Authority – What Is It? For those who aren’t in the know, SAQA is the South African Qualifications Authority. SAQA is unlike any other entity in that it is by law, given a legal personality. This particular authority is appointed by the Minister of Higher Education and Training and … Read more

SETA Accredited Training

Finding SETA Accredited Training For every industry sector in South Africa, a SETA has been developed to ensure that skills development is achieved in businesses and corporate environments across the board. SETA stands for the Sector Education and Training Authority and these institutions are authorised to provide grants for businesses in their sector to supply … Read more

Adult Education Classes

Follow The Trend And Enrol On Adult Education Classes Contrary to the popular belief that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, it is never too late to enrol in adult education classes. In fact more and more people around the world and in South Africa are enrolling in adult education classes to improve … Read more

What Are Communication Key Skills?

Communication key skills are the components that allow you to effectively communicate with others to maximise the level of understanding between people. Communication is not just about the language that you use but about body language and an understanding of the culture underlying the language. You can learn how to greet in all 11 of … Read more

Small Business And Skills Development

Owning a small business in South Africa can give you the unique opportunity to assist in the skills development of under educated individuals in the country. You can provide training to unskilled labourers to perform specific functions in your area of business saving you the cost of finding a person who is already experienced or … Read more

Insurance Sector Education And Training Authority

INSETA, the Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority recognises the lack of scarce and critical skills in the insurance industry. It would therefore like to invite companies who are registered with the SETA to apply for grants with regard to educating and training employees in the sector. There are a wide variety of education programmes … Read more

Improve your cultural understanding and learn Zulu

To assist the growth and development of your company within the business community in South Africa it may be necessary for you and your employees to learn to speak and write in one or more of the 11 official languages. Communication courses can help you develop skills from basic greeting to writing and understanding the … Read more

Customised learner materials = success

Customised learner materials are an essential part of the Adult Basic Education and Training programme. Most teaching aids are printed in English and are standardised. The learner workbooks and other materials can however be customised to suit a certain business environment or the unique requirements of a learner. This will allow learners to grow in … Read more