SAQA – The South African Qualifications Authority – What Is It? For those who aren’t in the know, SAQA is the South African Qualifications Authority. SAQA is unlike any other entity in that it is by law, given a legal personality. This particular authority is appointed by the Minister of Higher Education and Training and consists of 12 members. Members of SAQA have to meet with some criteria in order to be considered for the position. For instance they must be involved in education and training in some way. They must form part of a professional body and be involved in organised labour. Being involved in organised business as well as organisations that represent development of the community are also positive attributes for interested individuals. SAQA and the NQF in South Africa SAQA is tasked with ensuring that the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) is both developed and implemented in the appropriate sectors. This particular framework is where qualifications and standards of training or registered. Courses and training centres that offer NQF registered classes generally meet with the standards and qualification guidelines set out by this particular framework and of course SAQA. There are various NQF levels set out according to the numerous courses and qualifications available in South Africa. For instance, a doctorate would fall into NQF level 8 whereas National Diplomas would fall into NQF level 5. Understanding these levels is as simple as chatting to one of the consultants at Triple E Training. When chatting to one of our consultants you will find that Triple E Training offers a variety of NQF registered courses which are implemented by SAQA. These courses range throughout all of the National Qualifications Framework levels and are made available across South Africa. We operate throughout all 9 provinces and make use of over 400 facilitators to professional present out courses and hold classes. We offer to hold classes at our premises or at your business premises should you be offering further education opportunities to your staff members. For a number of our ABET classes we will even travel to rural areas where 4×4 transport or foot are the only ways of accessing learners. There is no doubt that Triple E Training and our range of NQF courses are just what you need to improve your company’s productivity and empower your employees. When it comes to growth through development you can expect for us to be your number one supporter. We will ensure that you are provided with access to a wide range of well priced courses presented to your staff members or employees by experienced, qualified and professional tutors. All learners can expect to leave our premises feeling empowered, enlightened and educated. Anyone who has special needs and requirements need only to chat to one of us and we will ensure that we cater to those needs to the best of our ability. If you are looking for more information on courses and classes where NQF is implemented by SAQA in South Africa then look no further. Allow Triple E Training to assist you with your adult education and further training without delay.
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