SAQA – The South African Qualifications Authority – What Is It? For those who aren’t in the know, SAQA is the South African Qualifications Authority. SAQA is unlike any other entity in that it is by law, given a legal personality. This particular authority is appointed by the Minister of Higher Education and Training and … Read more

Mining Qualifications and the NQF

The Abet NQF-1 qualification is aimed at the mining sector and providing basic education to labourers who are illiterate and have received little to no education. The purpose of mining qualifications is to give employees basic maths skills and a simple knowledge of scientific principles that THEY will need to deal with in their working … Read more

Choose wisely

When choosing a course to provide your employees with Adult Basic Education and Training, it is important to ensure that the course meets with the standards of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). The NQF was established to ensure that all education institutions and programmes in South Africa meet the same standard to ensure that all … Read more

Starting off with ABET fundamentals

The advancement of staff in terms of education or in terms of fighting illiteracy has a positive effect on staff morale and has been shown in numerous studies to increase staff loyalty. Nowhere is this more true than when staff are exposed to training in ABET fundamentals. This foundation phase of ABET training will give … Read more

NQF 1 a Good Starting Point

When a learner achieves an NQF 1 qualifications it is a standard of education that compares to that achieved in grades 1 through to 9 or through Adult Basic Education and Training programs. These qualifications will allow the learner the ability to contribute to South African society in a meaningful way, while also allowing them … Read more

Umalusi ABET centres

Triple e is one of the Umalusi ABET centres meaning that we have the full accreditation to provide courses on specific subjects and NQF levels. As one of the Umalusi ABET centres we provide high quality education, courses structured according to standards set, have presenters with the necessary qualifications and experience, and make use of … Read more

What is an Umalusi training provider?

To be an Umalusi training provider with accreditation an ABET centre needs to be listed with Umalusi which is the quality assurance authority for education on general and advanced levels of training as set out in the NQF curricula. NQF stands for the National Qualifications Framework. The purpose of Umalusi is to oversee the quality … Read more

How to evaluate ABET providers

How should you evaluate ABET providers? You can use the tips below to help you evaluate ABET providers: • Check whether the ABET centre is present on the Umalusi list. It is a full list of ABET providers with accreditation. If the name is not on the list you can contact Umalusi to confirm the … Read more

ABET learning materials

Education on NQF1 level requires specific books and ABET learning materials. Triple e ensures that course attendees will have access to the appropriate ABET learning materials, structured specifically for the NQF1 level. The ABET learning materials for this level include workbooks, facilitation and portfolio building. ABET learning materials are available for all the levels right … Read more

Learn English for the workplace

Help your workers to learn English for the workplace by enrolling them in the Basic English courses presented through Triple e. We provide the courses to help attendees learn English for the workplace entailing oral and written communication. The ABET courses are presented at the premises of the employer at a pre-arranged time schedule that … Read more

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