SETA Accredited Training

Finding SETA Accredited Training For every industry sector in South Africa, a SETA has been developed to ensure that skills development is achieved in businesses and corporate environments across the board. SETA stands for the Sector Education and Training Authority and these institutions are authorised to provide grants for businesses in their sector to supply skills development to their employees. However, there are a few things that you need to know about SETA accredited training before you choose an education and training provider for skills development in your company. First you need to ensure that you are registered with your relevant SETA to provide SETA accredited training. No SETA will approve a grant to any business in their sector if they have not registered. Remember that registering with your relevant SETA offers the additional benefit that any SETA accredited training that you provide will be tax deductable. The next thing you need to do is to ensure that the training provider you choose has indeed been accredited with your relevant SETA as well as Umalusi. Umalusi is the Sector Education and Training Authority for skills development in South Africa and is in charge of all SETA accredited training. You will not receive a grant and you will not be able to make an annual tax deduction for non SETA accredited training. You can simply access the Umalusi website or the site for your relevant SETA to ensure that your training provider is registered with both and that grants are available for relevant training. Should the skills development provider not supply SETA accredited training, rather opt for a similar supplier who has been registered and is accredited with both of these SETAs. To have access to SETA accredited training today without having to waste precious time and money searching for a registered and accredited training provider, you can simply contact us.
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