A Community’s Best Friend

Namakwa Diamonds

Over the last 16 months adults associated with Namakwa Diamonds in the South East node Communities, South West Node Communities and the Monroe mine & Northern Node in Schweizer Renecke. have been encouraged to enrol in the training programmes offered by Triple E Training.
The HR Business Partner of Namakwa Diamonds, Mr German Lebelo reiterates, “Over the past year and a few months, Triple E Training has worked with us on a few new ABET projects as part of Social and Labour Plan activities. We found the Triple E Training staff to be professional, helpful, knowledgeable and co-operative throughout the duration of these projects. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”
While Namakwa Diamonds gains Skills Development, Procurement and Socio-Economic Development points on the new BBBEE/BEE scorecard, the impact of a such an Investment is wide-reaching and ever-lasting. Such an investment will benefit numerous individuals even beyond the actual learners themselves. When assisting one adult in acquiring these skills a whole community benefits. The organisation gains from the ever-increasing pool of employable community members. There are empowered women who are often instrumental in assisting youth and other adults close to them with newfound skills and knowledge.
The Namakwa Diamonds Group maintains alluvial mining operations and resource-development properties in the North West Province of South Africa and resource-development properties in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, as well as in the offshore marine environment of Namibia. http://www.namakwadiamonds.co.za/

Community members attend Triple E’s classes every day to improve their opportunities, thanks to Namakwa Diamonds.

A subject matter expert from Triple E Training assists community members, supported by Namakwa Diamonds, to achieve English and Mathematics competency.

The empowering effect on these communities surrounding the Namakwa Diamonds nodes, has no bounds. It improves knowledge, skills, values and attitudes. Not only does Adult Education and Training create employment possibilities, but entry to further education and training.
Triple E Training who is a BBBEE QSE level 2 valued added service provider, can assist with any community programme and:
  • Address Skills Development, Procurement and Socio-Economic Development on the BBBEE/BEE scorecard.
  • Allow for compliance with Social Labour Plans, under the Skills Development section, for the employees and community members in a mining/operations community.
Triple E Training’s outsourced training solution is learner matrix category B & C and assists with:
  • Education levels of the workforce
  • Meeting staff developmental needs
  • Targets to be trained and timeframes
  • AET and Learnership implementation
If we reach enough communities, we will benefit from an educated, informed and prosperous society.
We have actual success stories to share with you. Contact us for more information and visit our facebook site https://www.facebook.com/AdultEducationSA for more stories like this one. Contact Magda van der Merwe for her expert advice on the programme at Namakwa Diamonds.
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