ABET as a means to comply to the Skills Development element of the BEE Scorecard

Requirement: Compliance to the Skills Development element of the BEE Scorecard

My client, that has a national footprint in transport infrastructure management services, has decided to conduct a pilot staff training project as part of the requirements of the skills development element of the BEE Scorecard.
With multiple sites nationwide, each with its own training facilities, my client was well-equipped to embark on the pilot that involved a group of six low-skilled employees, from one of the sites in Mpumalanga, who has been identified for outsourced skills training.

Product Introduced: Outsourced ABET with Communication in English

Triple E Training is the leader in outsourced Adult Based Education and Training (ABET/AET) and its most popular learning areas are Communication in English (literacy) and Mathematics (numeracy).
For the purpose of the skills development pilot I recommended that the group of six employees are enrolled in the ABET Communication in English module. This module is available for ABET Level 1 through to ABET Level 4 and will equip the employees with the basic English required to excel in their day-to-day client interaction.
The pilot will be completed after 120 hours in the classroom with a highly experienced ABET facilitator. The staff training is scheduled around the shift roster of the group of employees so as to not hamper their productivity. Each training session is no longer than three hours.

Expert opinion: Category B training earns extra points on the BEE Scorecard

ABET falls under Category B in the Skills Matrix which means it will earn extra points for the skills development element of the BEE Scorecard. Furthermore, any amount spent on ABET results in an enhanced claim of 125% which means the actual spend is less than the value claimed on the BEE Scorecard.

Call to action: Triple E Training – Your outsourced skills development partner

With Triple E Training as its outsourced skills development partner my client will not only comply to the requirements of the skills development element of the BEE Scorecard but also earn extra points and save money.


At the cost of R50,000 my client, in the transport infrastructure management services, embarked on a pilot whereby a group of six low-skilled employees will be enrolled in an ABET programme for Communication in English. Not only will this outsourced skills training project help my client to meet compliance with the Skill Development targets set for companies in South Africa but it will also improve the organisation’s overall BEE rating.

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