ABET Centres

Approved ABET Centres And Courses In South Africa ABET centres are made available across the country for the convenience of those who want to better themselves, their futures and their standing in the work place. With the assistance of leading adult education training agencies such as Triple E Training, you can expect to be provided with access to the best ABET training centres and courses available on the market. At Triple E Training our main aim is to ensure that you are able to provide your staff members with an education or training that will assist them to move forward in their working environment learn to communicate better and even improve on their skills in the industry that they currently work in. All ABET centres offer a variety of courses for learners and their employers to choose from. When registering for an Adult Basic Education and Training course through us, we will ensure that you are provided with access to a variety of courses on the same literacy level that you are currently on. It does not matter how educated the individual is, the purpose of attending one of these courses is to ensure that you broaden your knowledge and skills. ABET skills development courses focus on a variety of different industries and topics such as language and communication, tourism and hospitality, technology, life orientation, SMMEs, ancillary healthcare, mathematics, natural science, agricultural science and humanities sciences. Basic education courses focus more on day to day communication and skills required such as writing, counting, adding, subtracting, reading and problem solving. When sending employees for these particular classes to learn new skills, you are providing them with the opportunity to better themselves and work towards a brighter future. What’s more is that by educating your workforce you are ensuring that your company runs more efficiently and the team is able to better work as one unit with the same goals and purpose in mind. We have been serving the South African market for 19 years and take the time to make sure that each course on offer is up to date, relevant and simple to follow and understand. All learners to take on a course with us are guaranteed to complete their courses feeling better, empowered and armed with new skills. It is a sad fact that millions of South African’s drop-out of school before they reach grades nine. This of course has a negative impact on the level of education in the country and of course the employment rate. Those who do not have an education to speak of will struggle to find jobs that pay well and will then subsequently struggle to support their families. With access to skills development courses and adult basic education and training, these people can better their life situation and their futures. When it comes to finding a company that offers access to courses from some of the country’s leading ABET centres, Triple E Training is just the place to go. With our assistance you can expect to be provided with a wide variety of courses to choose from. Chat to one of our friendly consultants about the various courses available for your staff members today.
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