ABET in Gauteng

The Need For ABET In Gauteng Is Growing There is an old Chinese wish that says ‘May you live in interesting times.’  If ‘challenging’ may be classified as interesting then, this wish has certainly come to pass for the inhabitants of the South Africa’s busiest province. The recent effects of the financial recession that, first left the country’s economy in decline, have begun to abate and the emerging new growth phase is placing demands on our labour resources that it would be ill-prepared to meet but for vital role played by ABET in Gauteng. Those four initials stand for far more than Adult Basic Education and Training. They also represent hope for many previously disadvantaged South Africans and the prospect of an all-important jump start for the nation’s economic recovery. As has often been the case in the past, the biggest single obstacle to progress is a marked lack of suitably skilled workers. Too many are limited by the lack of such basic skills as reading, writing and arithmetic or fluency in the international language of commerce – English. Training under ABET schemes in Gauteng offers the best chance to correct these shortfalls and, by empowerment, to build the more effective workforce needed for sustained growth. The strength of these courses lies in their ability to bridge gaps. An illiterate worker can only learn by rote and is unable to pursue any formal study. Basic literacy courses enable men and women to bridge that widest of all gaps. When combined with a vocational courses offered by one of the better ABET training providers in Gauteng, the same employees will then be able to bridge the gap to a formal professional qualification. A Sound Investment One of the worst mistakes that companies make in times of recession is to cut back on education and training budgets. For those that believe the cost of education is too high, it could be an enlightening experience to consider the far greater cost of ignorance. Companies that use tough times to regroup and consolidate their resources, perhaps with some of the ABET training available in Gauteng, rather than simply reducing their staff and adopting austerity measures, will be those best equipped to capitalise when conditions improve. After all, no client with the cash and the need is likely to offer them six months to get ready. The education and training of adult employees and of those who, without it, may otherwise remain unemployed, is actually an investment on three distinct levels. Apart from the important direct investment in the human capital offered by ABET in Gauteng, and that is so vital to the life of any company, it also represents an investment in the economy as a whole and the latter has the potential to benefit every single citizen of our developing nation. Before making that investment in an educational or training course, however, it is first important to be certain regarding the bona fides of any chosen service provider. Each course offered under this scheme will have a designated NQF level and, for delivery purposes, the service provider must be accredited to offer instruction at the NQF level of the course required. This may be checked on the Umalusi website. Invest wisely. Contact us for top quality ABET courses in Gauteng by accredited professionals.
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