ABET Training

An ABET Training Makes A Great Credential Not everyone in South Africa has enjoyed the privilege and subsequent benefits of a quality secondary education and the result has been that, for many, the prospect of more than a basic wage or the hope of any further career advancement remains permanently beyond their reach. Sometimes the barrier to advancement lies in a lack of literacy or numeracy that a basic adult education course could remedy. In other cases a possible lack of the relevant vocational skills may be readily overcome with ABET training. Although the earliest attempts to establish adult education in South Africa focused purely on the acute needs of the illiterate and, later, on the needs of those lacking in basic maths knowledge, it was only with the addition of the training content to basic education courses that both became available to adults on a subsidised basis. Based on the needs of industry and the country as a whole; businesses, NGOs and the state offered their financial support to meet these acute needs and ABET training was launched as the instrument of choice in 1994. Armed with a qualification from an accredited provider of Adult Basic Education and Training such as Triple e, an employee now holds in his or her hands the credentials needed both to advance both career and enable further studies. Meeting Industry’s Needs And Standards To ensure that a training course addresses the needs of a given industry and leads to acceptable levels of competency, it has been necessary to define the content and goals of ABET training courses. These have been arrived at by joint consultation between members of the industries concerned, the department of education and training, the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) and a number of special bodies formed to represent individual industries and known as Sector Education and Training Authorities or SETAs. The insight and oversight provided by the collaboration of these bodies provide both learners and employers with the twin guarantees of relevancy and effectiveness. Accredited service providers like Triple e Training ensure these guarantees are met by delivering ABET training to the highest possible standards. It is not simply enough to be reassured that course work is relevant and pitched at an appropriate level when submitting employees to a programme of vocational training. It is, in fact, every bit as important to know that the service provider that will be responsible for presenting the material is actually authorised to do so. While many companies may claim to offer courses that comply with your industry’s needs this is no guarantee that they are competent to offer ABET training. To do so, they must have first been accredited by a suitable body. In South Africa, that overall body is Umalusi and all providers that have gained its accreditation will be listed on the body’s official website along with the services covered. It is worth noting that only when making use of accredited services such as provided by Triple e Training, do employers become eligible for any applicable subsidy; a good reason to check the credentials of any company offering vocational training. To ensure the best and to remove all doubts when planning your employee training, contact us. We are the acknowledged leaders in accredited ABET training across the country.
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