ABET Is Not A Gamble In fact, this simple four-letter acronym, that actually stands for Adult Basic Education and Training, has consistently proved to be a guaranteed winner for a very large number of previously disadvantaged South Africans that have elected to attend one of the courses held as part of this powerful and vital scheme. Past inequalities resulted in many black adults being ill-prepared for the workplace, unable to provide for their families and confined to a subsistence wage until, with the help of an ABET course, their new-found skills offered them a new beginning. Even the simple, everyday skills of reading and writing that most of us take for granted can have a devastating impact on the lives of those that do not possess them. Adult illiteracy remains alarmingly high for a country that aspires to compete in global markets and grow a thriving economy. This will be a tough task indeed in the absence of sufficient staff with the level of communication skills needed in international dealings. ABET courses began with the literacy gap and still focus heavily on this area today. To the basic skills of handling words, the concepts behind handling numbers have since been added and these twin foundation skills provide stepping stones for newly literate and numerate learners to proceed to further studies including courses aimed at furthering their specific vocational skills also. The latter has the added advantage of serving to advance the career prospects of learners within their current jobs. First Check The Bona Fides When seeking an ABET course it is vital to trust only those service providers that hold the correct accreditation to deliver the desired course. There are all too many providers that claim accreditation but for whom, on closer inspection, no record of this can be found. In South Africa the main accreditation body is Umalusi, who maintain a website that, among other things, lists all registered service providers and their accreditation levels. Among them, is Triple E Training, a company proud of the 99% national pass rate it has achieved for the past 7 years and equally determined to maintain it. It’s also important to note that some organizations may only be qualified to provide training for facilitators and not to deliver course within an ABET programme and at the desired NQF (National Qualification Framework) level. Not Just For The Big Boys These programmes are not aimed merely at the employees of large businesses. In fact most of the learners that attend these courses are small to medium sized business where often, the lower turnover and profits, can limit the capacity to hire more qualified staff. The type of education and training opportunity that is offered by the wide and growing range of courses available under ABET schemes is ideal for companies in this category, since much of the course costs are refundable through the respective SETAs when using an accredited service provider such as Triple E Training. Whether the need is for basic literacy or numeracy; for an improved level of spoken English or for some of the specific skills in demand at the workplace, there is probably already a course available under this scheme or one can be compiled. Don’t gamble! Talk to us about your staff’s needs and our winning ABET solutions.
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